How To Add A Usb 2 0 Hub To Your Computer

How To Add a​ USB 2.0 Hub To Your Computer
Digital and video Cameras,​ scanners,​ mp3 players,​ and just about every other electronic device are designed to​ be connected to​ your computer.
And all new computers make it​ simple to​ connect these devices with the​ use of​ the​ USB or​ Universal Serial Bus port .​
But with the​ many devices you may have,​you can still run short of​ these ports.
If you find your computer using all of​ its USB ports,​ you can get your hands on​ a​ USB Hub .​
This hub contains several usb ports .​
So rather than unplugging one device to​ plug in​ another,​ a​ usb hub allows you to​ connect multiple devices.
To setup a​ usb hub on​ your computer you need to​ be sure your system allow you to​ connect the​ hub .​
If your computer was made before 1997 it​ most likely won't support a​ USB.
Check your computer to​ see if​ there is​ a​ usb port available .​ have photos showing what USB ports look like and where they should be found in​ any computer.
You should consider the​ reason you want to​ purchase a​ USB hub .​
This will help in​ deciding the​ type of​ usb hub you want to​ purchase .​
And research the​ device you want to​ connect,​ as​ not all devices can be connected to​ USB hubs.
The two types of​ USB hubs are the​ Self Powered which draws power from an​ external power supply and the​ bus powered hub which is​ inserted in​ an​ expansion slot and draws power from the​ motherboard.
Some devices that use large amounts of​ power work poorly with bus powered hubs .​
a​ scanner for example,​ will wotk much better connected to​ a​ self powered USB hub.
When connecting a​ device to​ the​ USB hub,​ see what version of​ usb it​ may be .​
USB 1.0 was the​ first version released and today the​ fast version is​ the​ usb 2.0 All USB 2.0 hubs are backward compatible .​
This allows them to​ run the​ slower USB 1.0 devices.
The price of​ a​ hub 2.0 hub varies from about $25.00 to​ $65.00 and comes in​ several brands .​
The price depends on​ the​ number of​ ports you want on​ the​ hub.
Its always a​ good practice to​ backup your files before you work in​ your computer.Remove the​ hub from its packing and carefully inspect it​ for damaged and be sure all components are present .​
Stop and carefully read the​ hub manual for instructions such as​ turn the​ computer off first or​ that you must install the​ software before connecting the​ hub to​ the​ computer.
If you have a​ powered hub,​ plug the​ power cord in​ an​ outlet and connect the​ usb cable from the​ usb hub into an​ open USB port .​
With the​ hub connected place the​ cdrom that come with the​ hub and install the​ software onto the​ hard drive.
Set the​ USB hub in​ a​ location where you can easily connect your scanner,​modem,​or other devices .​
Remember that your computer only runs at​ the​ highest usb speed.If your hub is​ a​ USB 2.0 but your computer only supports USB 1.0 then the​ 1.0 connection will be your max speed.
If your USB hub is​ self powered,​install the​ card in​ an​ empty expansion slot by removing the​ system unit cover,​ removing the​ retaining screw and cover from the​ slot,​ firmly slide the​ card in​ the​ slot,​ and use the​ retaining screw to​ secure it​ to​ the​ motherboard.
Start your computer and your operating system should recognize the​ new device .​
Install any software that came with the​ hub.You may need to​ install a​ device driver to​ allow the​ computer to​ communicate with the​ hub.
Its that easy and why not make it​ something fun to​ do .​
Learn as​ you go and be in​ the​ state of​ mind to​ enjoy your task .​
You will look forward to​ perform other tasks in​ the​ same state of​ mind.

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