How Save And Make Money

How save and make money
If you​ save money,​ the​ money will save you
The problem with most peoples finances today is​ that they are not getting enough income to​ satisfy their needs and wants .​
People are naturally going to​ buy things they want even if​ it​ means spending more than they have (credit cards),​ and they know in​ the​ back of​ their minds that they cant afford it,​ but they will get it​ anyway .​
I​ think people will develop their own budgeting scheme when their income meets their wants then they will be budgeting masters,​ all by their selves .​
But till then there will ALWAYS be people in​ debt no matter how much you​ preach!
I think a​ solution to​ some people money problem is​ to​ teach them how to​ make extra money first,​ and then teach them how to​ budget and save it .​
Americans really don’t want that much; it​ is​ the​ hobbies that get people in​ trouble,​ bills,​ spending too much on​ golf clubs,​ car parts,​ computers,​ things around the​ house etc.
I don’t know about you​ but this is​ how I​ feel about life .​
Right now,​ I​ am working a​ 9 to​ 5 job making $3200 monthly .​
I​ don’t want to​ be stuck knowing that I​ will be 'working' for the​ rest of​ my life,​ taking orders from bosses,​ putting up with BS and other peoples attitude,​ having to​ get up in​ the​ morning when I​ want to​ sleep in​ and that fear of​ getting fired .​
Currently,​ I​ am in​ this situation but will not be soon .​
There are people right now making well over $20,​000/monthly working for their selves and they are everyday people that you​ see walking their dog,​ in​ supermarkets or​ even that person arguing with the​ McDonalds cashier .​
If these people ever do go back to​ work for someone else they can do it​ stress free even if​ the​ job is​ stressful (think about that) .​
Before,​ you​ can work for yourself you​ have to​ decide one thing: If you​ really want that responsibility .​
If you​ said yes,​ you​ have gotten over the​ biggest hurdle and you​ will not be limited to​ the​ income your employer is​ giving you​ .​
I​ know what I​ am about to​ say will be over simplistic but I​ will save the​ details for you​ to​ research on​ your own .​
Here is​ a​ breakdown
1st: determine if​ you​ really want self-employment
2nd: decide what area of​ business you​ want or​ good at.
3rd: If step 2 requires money,​ their are program out there that can help you​ get started in​ internet business,​ selling or​ something else before you​ start in​ what you​ want to​ do .​
For example,​ I​ want to​ own a​ photography shop but it​ costs $10,​000 to​ get started .​
Well,​ if​ I​ sell product a​ for a​ year I​ can do it .​
You never know,​ whatever you​ get into before your dream business may make you​ $50,​000 a​ month and you​ may forget all about that photography shop .​
I​ can help you​ here too.
4th Research,​ research and do more research .​
Find out what you​ competition is​ .​
Find out how much money they are making .​
Find out where they are advertising .​
Find out what it​ takes to​ get started .​
Find out where your customer are etc,​ etc,​ etc..research
5th EXECUTE!! I​ mean once you​ have confidence go do it.
They say that 90% of​ home businesses fail for the​ first time .​
And you​ may fail,​ but all you​ have to​ do is​ try and try again,​ please don’t give up .​
Believe me,​ you​ will get it​ right and when you​ do,​ you​ will be very successful .​
The percentage of​ people who fail for the​ second and third time is​ much lower than the​ first timers .​
Well sorry to​ talk yall half to​ death,​ I​ can go on​ and on​ about this stuff.

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