How Not To Make Money Online Or Anywhere Else

How Not To Make Money Online Or Anywhere Else

How Not to​ Make Money Online (Or Anywhere Else)
Here are a​ few tips on​ how _not_ to​ make money,​ and underneath each one,​ the​ smart thing to​ do instead.
1 .​
Follow the​ Herd.
By the​ time you​ hear about it,​ it'll probably have peaked .​
The time to​ grab a​ niche is​ looking around you,​ seeing what people are looking for,​ and giving it​ to​ them,​ fast .​
Not recommended: Multi-Level Marketing (MLM),​ Internet Marketing,​ eBooks,​ Paid-To-Surf and High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) .​
These will all make money for the​ guys running the​ show,​ not you.
Do your own research .​
Internet forums are full of​ the​ past,​ not the​ future .​
You can learn your trade,​ but not the​ latest wheeze .​
You think if​ someone's got a​ really sweet idea they'll blab it​ in​ a​ forum? Only if​ they're vain or​ stupid .​
Or they've already made their bit,​ the​ idea is​ washed out,​ so they make one last profit by getting the​ newbies excited about it.
By the​ time you​ hear about it​ the​ herd will have spammed the​ hell out of​ it.
2 .​
Not Following the​ Herd.
Sometimes the​ herd is​ heading over a​ cliff .​
Sometimes it's heading to​ green pastures .​
You can't start a​ revolution on​ your own; it's too much hard work .​
So find something there's already a​ demand for,​ and set up a​ stall offering it​ cheaper,​ faster or​ better .​
Or all three!
Tip: Exhaust internet research before starting your new career .​
It's likely someone has already done what you're thinking of,​ at​ least in​ part .​
Maybe you​ can walk the​ trail they blazed,​ rather than hacking your own?
3 .​
Do Something you​ Dislike.
You can't put your heart in​ a​ job you​ dislike .​
You'll find you​ can't summon the​ energy .​
The ol' inspiration doesn't flow .​
Why? McJobs turn your brain to​ hamburger .​
Your subconscious (your heart) will not supply the​ energy to​ do something it's against,​ even if​ the​ head says 'go!'.
Solution: Take the​ time to​ find something you​ truly enjoy: your vocation.
4 .​
Do Something Which Doesn't Pay Well.
Just getting by means you'll go broke someday: one bit of​ bad luck,​ then bam!
Plenty of​ jobs out there which pay _just_ enough to​ survive on​ .​
That's how capitalists get rich; _they_ make the​ profits,​ _you_ do the​ legwork .​
And that's as​ it​ should be .​
You want the​ big bucks? Be a​ super salesman,​ or​ an​ entrepreneur; they take all the​ risks,​ so it's only right they get the​ gravy.
Like all employees I​ disliked and feared my boss; he had real power over me .​
Then when I​ became my own boss,​ I​ understood him perfectly .​
He didn't care about my little problems .​
He didn't owe me anything beyond my wages and a​ civil word .​
He was largely oblivious to​ my mutinous grumbling .​
All he wanted was for me to​ come in​ on​ time,​ do the​ work,​ and clear off at​ the​ end of​ the​ day .​
He set the​ business up,​ so he deserved the​ lion's share .​
He had to​ worry about keeping the​ whole place going.
If you​ were a​ boss,​ and it​ was your money,​ just how generous would you​ be to​ your employees? Oh yeah,​ suuuure! And I​ bet you're a​ big tipper too!
Solution: If you​ want to​ work for someone else,​ and be happy,​ find a​ job that pays well .​
5 .​
Do Something You're Not Good At.
It's easy to​ be mediocre at​ a​ wide range of​ jobs .​
To be a​ master takes years,​ sometimes a​ lifetime.
Solution: you​ _know_ you've got a​ knack for _something_ .​
If it's something you​ like,​ which can pay well,​ _and which you're good at_,​ consider doing _it_ rather than fuming in​ your cubicle .​
At the​ very least you'll enjoy the​ ride!
If you're not sure,​ find a​ fat list of​ job titles somewhere and skim through it: who knew that jobs like chicken-sexer or​ house-sitter existed?

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