How I Selected The Best Notebook Computer For Intensive Number Crunching And Stock Market Analysis

How I Selected The Best Notebook Computer For Intensive Number
Crunching And Stock Market Analysis

How I​ Selected the​ Best Notebook Computer For Intensive Number Crunching And Stock Market Analysis
Having used a​ desktop computers and notebook computers that had been officially supplied by the​ company where I​ was employed,​ there was no need to​ worry about what type of​ notebook computer or​ whatever configuration that was required in​ my work.
So when I​ finally had to​ purchase my own notebook computer for personal private use,​ I​ found myself facing a​ myraid of​ questions .​
Just what should I​ look out for when buying my own notebook computer?
First,​ I​ found I​ had to​ quantify my own needs for a​ notebook computer .​
Having quantified my needs,​ which was to​ do a​ lot of​ number crunching and to​ perform technical analysis and charting of​ stock prices online,​ I​ found that even low priced models could perform work that was demanded by my needs.
I was pleasantly surprised that my needs did not demand a​ high priced model.
Secondly,​ the​ notebook computer I​ required would need to​ be sufficiently light .​
In the​ process of​ identifying the​ notebook computer,​ I​ decided I​ did not need a​ subnotebook,​ as​ most notebook computers weigh between 5 to​ 7 kg,​ with a​ subnotebook weighing at​ 5 kg or​ less.
The standard notebook computer was sufficient for my needs coming with some wordprocessing software that was already installed as​ part of​ the​ package that comes with the​ computer and with Internet access capabilities .​
All I​ need was to​ install my specialized technical analysis program to​ monitor the​ stock prices.
At the​ same time,​ advances in​ notebook computer technology ensured that I​ had wireless technology and can hook up online at​ any hotspot outlet .​
This would allow me to​ have mobile wireless access anywhere I​ go .​
I​ could also use a​ pen drivefor additional mobile storage.
Finally,​ I​ also decided that I​ really do not need to​ use the​ provided upgrade functionality for the​ notebook,​ perferring to​ use the​ notebook for a​ period of​ two years at​ most .​
This was because I​ discovered parts and accessories were expensive,​ and going the​ way of​ upgrades to​ be expensive .​
Changing to​ a​ new model completely after two years appear to​ be a​ better proposition in​ terms of​ more power,​ functionality and cost savings.
Having made these decisions,​ the​ next step was to​ go online for a​ price comparison .​
Shopping online allowed me the​ convenience of​ researching each one of​ the​ notebook computer that caught my attention,​ without feeling pressured to​ make a​ quick decision.
There were some sites that allowed the​ added convenience of​ comparing different models side by side,​ and doing so was very useful in​ helping me to​ make my final decision on​ the​ notebook computer.
If you are faced with the​ task of​ purchasing your own notebook computer,​ the​ considerations which I​ have mentioned above will help you in​ your initial selection in​ making a​ wise decision.

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