How I Make Money Online

How I Make Money Online

Nothing beats the​ excitement you​ feel when you​ first start to​ make money online. Ever since I got my first computer I had dreamed of​ owning a​ web site that would make money for me.

My motivation has always been simple. I want the​ freedom to​ live life on​ my own terms.To be able to​ do what I want when I feel like it. I want to​ feel the​ security of​ having a​ regular income. And,​ finally I want the​ spending power to​ be able to​ buy what I want and go where I want. Not much to​ ask.

I now know that I went by the​ long route when I set out to​ learn how to​ make money online. I wasted an​ enromous amount of​ time,​ energy and money on​ learning things I didn’t need to​ know and doing things that are a​ complete waste of​ time.

The most annoying thing of​ all was that the​ know-it-alls who are reaping the​ amazing rewards of​ their success are so poor at​ showing others how they do it. However,​ they are very good at​ charging a​ lot for their information and then making it​ hard to​ understand what they mean. So I made up my mind early on​ that I would never charge for any information that I pass on​ to​ others about how to​ make money online.

Here are the​ lessons that I have learned. I consider that they are the​ real secrets of​ making money online.

First,​ start with a​ niche market. I know this is​ different from how people do things in​ the​ real world,​ but in​ cyber space this is​ the​ best place to​ start. the​ easiest way is​ to​ pick on​ a​ group of​ people just like you. People with whom you​ share a​ problem.

Second,​ find a​ product that solves their problem. There are millions of​ them out there. I show my students how to​ find them on​ my free diploma course.

Third,​ build a​ really simple,​ one page web site. Your site only needs to​ offer a​ product that solves a​ problem to​ the​ people with the​ problem.

Fourth,​ drive traffic to​ that web site.

Imagine my excitement when,​ by simply applying this formula,​ I started receiving e-mails saying: “Congratulations,​ you​ just made a​ sale!”

The excitement grew when I went to​ my online bank account and saw the​ money sitting there,​ right under my name.

And the​ excitement reached fever pitch when the​ ‘congratulations’ e-mails started coming in​ ever-increasing numbers.

My advice is​ simple; don’t wait,​ use the​ simple formula I’ve outlined above to​ build yourself a​ web site today. Let me show you​ how. I promise that you​ will feel massively uplifted when you​ too start to​ make money online.

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