How A Ghost With A Blue Ball Can Boost Online Marketing

How a​ Ghost With a​ Blue Ball Can Boost Online Marketing
What does online marketing have to​ do with a​ ghost? Plenty .​
Read this and you​ will see why .​
The memory still unsettles me whenever I​ think back to​ that night.
The experience taught me that to​ write about a​ product,​ you​ have to​ see it​ at​ work .​
You will see how this can help you,​ also .​
But first,​ here is​ what happened that night.
It was November - almost 3 years ago .​
My friend and client,​ Guido,​ asked me to​ write a​ sales letter and a​ couple of​ ads for him .​
He ran a​ ghost busting business.
It struck me as​ hard to​ make money chasing ghosts out of​ people’s houses but he made a​ good living .​
Guido convinced me that I​ had to​ get a​ feel for his business .​
So,​ he asked me to​ accompany him on​ a​ job.
I agreed and found myself the​ following Thursday night with him and his girlfriend,​ Erin,​ in​ the​ home of​ an​ art gallery owner .​
The owner and his family were away and the​ place smelled of​ stale smoke and chrysanthemums .​
We were alone – or​ almost alone.
The ghost,​ Guido explained,​ was a​ child who had died in​ the​ house 60 years before .​
He would come back looking for toys .​
Guido led us to​ the​ dining room where he set up his equipment .​
The only toy I​ saw was a​ blue ball under the​ sideboard that belonged to​ the​ owner’s young son.
Guido half opened the​ door leading to​ the​ cellar and turned out the​ lights .​
We sat on​ the​ floor in​ the​ dark wearing night-vision goggles and waited.
It happened a​ little after 1 a.m .​
The blue ball hurtled from under the​ sideboard,​ hit the​ table leg and bounced back .​
I​ heard a​ click from Guido’s equipment and the​ ball stopped short .​
After a​ few minutes of​ stillness,​ the​ ball darted forth again .​
This time,​ it​ zigzagged along the​ wall.
Erin and I​ exchanged a​ quick glance and I​ strained to​ see what was causing the​ ball to​ move .​
I​ could only imagine some unseen little feet kicking it​ and scurrying after it .​
Again,​ Guido’s equipment clicked and kept on​ clicking .​
The ball rolled out the​ cellar door and bounced down the​ steps.
It was over.
Guido didn’t explain how he did it,​ but assured us the​ little ghost would not be back - ever .​
I​ ran my hand over the​ bare floor where the​ ball had been .​
I​ was feeling for wires or​ string,​ suspecting that Guido had rigged the​ whole thing .​
But I​ found nothing.
I didn’t go to​ bed when I​ got home .​
Instead,​ I​ wrote an​ account of​ the​ ghost .​
I​ also wrote the​ sales letter and ads for Guido .​
The words rolled off my fingertips like raindrops .​
I​ set the​ scene of​ what it​ was like to​ be in​ the​ same room with a​ ghost.
In writing about Guido’s service,​ I​ tried to​ make the​ readers feel the​ same things I​ had .​
I​ brought all my senses into it​ – touch,​ smell,​ hearing,​ sight and taste.
I learned another lesson from that experience that may help you​ .​
The lesson is​ this: write the​ sales letter for your online marketing right after you​ see the​ product at​ work .​
That makes your words fresh and urgent.
Oh,​ and about the​ little ghost: Guido told me he didn’t stay in​ the​ cellar .​
He disappeared and Guido knows in​ his heart that some loving arms welcomed him back into that in-between world that ghosts call home.

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