How Do Viruses And Worms Affect Your Computer

How Do Viruses And Worms Affect Your Computer
Also,​ unlike viruses that most commonly infect an​ individual computer,​ the​ worms usually attack a​ computer network .​
a​ computer network functions by using a​ collection of​ servers and routers .​
This is​ what the​ internet is​ comprised of .​
a​ server is​ like a​ PC but has more speed and storage and a​ router is​ a​ server with specialized functions,​ it​ directs traffic through the​ network.
PC Security - Worm Viruses,​ Deadliest of​ All
A virus attacks the​ unit used to​ run programs on​ the​ computer called the​ central processing unit or​ CPU for short .​
It does this by running programs and being constantly busy,​ so that none of​ the​ functions you select can be opened .​
Similarly,​ this is​ how a​ worm functions on​ a​ network .​
The routers rely on​ memory and processing time (similar to​ the​ CPU functions) .​
These are attacked and as​ a​ result the​ network drastically slows down.
Worms carry payloads which are comprised of​ other types of​ malware,​ backdoor installations or​ spyware .​
Spyware is​ a​ monitoring program that can keep an​ eye on​ activities on​ your computer and backdoor programs set up hidden access points used by hackers to​ steal your information or​ send spam.
My Doom sent out at​ the​ beginning of​ 2004,​ was the​ fastest spreading worm to​ date .​
The worm came in​ the​ form of​ an​ email with the​ message andy; I'm just doing my job,​ nothing personal,​ sorry.
Although the​ culprit was never found,​ its intended victim is​ thought to​ have been a​ software company called Santa Cruz Operation or​ SCO for short.
When a​ person opened this email,​ the​ worm was programmed to​ overwhelm SCO’s website with traffic .​
The worm spread through the​ internet and caused a​ massive slow down.
For the​ individual computer,​ the​ worm’s payload is​ more serious because it​ allows ports to​ be opened on​ the​ computer where hackers have access to​ steal or​ delete information .​
In addition,​ a​ payload may come with a​ program to​ attack your antivirus software and disable it.
De worming
Using firewalls will help protect your computer .​
Firewalls reduce traffic and hide your computer .​
In this state,​ you are less likely to​ be attacked by worms spread over the​ network.
Be careful not to​ open suspicious emails and if​ you don’t know the​ person or​ get and unexpected email don’t open it .​
If you find your computer is​ slow and reboots by itself or​ the​ internet is​ sluggish,​ you may have been infected .​
Try running antivirus software to​ check it​ out .​
If that doesn’t work,​ try to​ manually removing the​ virus .​
Information as​ to​ how this is​ done can be found on​ the​ internet.

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