How Computers Are Taking Over The Work Place No Where Is Safe

How Computers Are Taking Over the​ Work Place! No Where is​ Safe!
When the​ computer was initially produced,​ it​ was for a​ select few,​ now almost everyone you talk to​ either has a​ computer at​ home or​ at​ work .​
Computers have developed so fast it​ is​ mind boggling,​ the​ computers had limited capabilities,​ these were capped with the​ very limited software,​ then a​ company called Microsoft was born,​ bringing all things goods (some people say bad…) to​ the​ computer industry.
The programmers created software,​ enabling computer manufacturers to​ build faster computers,​ that were much smaller,​ if​ you are old enough to​ remember the​ computers from the​ 1970s,​ each computer took up an​ entire office,​ now the​ computers are tiny in​ comparison .​
Now,​ in​ 2008,​ more and more manufacturers are using the​ standard computer we​ use at​ home,​ for industrial use .​
The problem being is​ that the​ computer was designed to​ be used in​ a​ cool office or​ home environment,​ not on​ a​ dusty or​ dirty factory floor.
When you take a​ standard computer or​ even a​ standard laser printer and put it​ in​ an​ office environment,​ this is​ ideal,​ but if​ you were to​ putting them in​ hazardous areas has several things to​ take into consideration .​
#1 .​
How is​ the​ information on​ the​ factory floor going to​ be collected? the​ problem then arises,​ that the​ corporate data network has to​ be extended to​ the​ shop floor,​ now the​ issue here is​ that any radio frequency interference from machinery will affect the​ monitor.
#2 .​
How is​ the​ computer going to​ be powered? the​ solution is​ the​ electrical circuit has to​ be extended to​ incorporate the​ computers,​ this then causes a​ problem if​ the​ cables run in​ the​ same cabling troughs as​ the​ data cables,​ as​ you would find transferring data very slow,​ due to​ the​ presence of​ power cables .​
The solution is​ to​ have the​ data and power cables in​ separate basket trays,​ providing they are a​ minimum of​ 8 inches apart .​
If the​ cables are in​ a​ roof void,​ they can cross each other,​ providing they are at​ 90% to​ each other.
#3 .​
Damage to​ the​ computer monitor – this could be expensive as​ well as​ hazardous,​ if​ the​ area processes food or​ food stuff.
#4 .​
If any dust or​ fluid gets on​ to​ the​ hard disc,​ this will result in​ loss of​ data,​ so image the​ frustration of​ the​ Production Manager,​ discovering the​ records of​ that days production were lost,​ it​ could possibly take a​ further 8 hours in​ lost production to​ find out what jobs have been completed.
Now the​ software programmers have created,​ allows businesses to​ see in​ real time how profitable the​ business is​ and puts the​ Management in​ total control of​ their business .​
Allowing them to​ see which member of​ staff is​ the​ most productive and which staff member creates most scrap!
Most manufacturers have decided that as​ part of​ the​ investment in​ the​ shop floor data collection solution,​ they need to​ protect the​ computers from dust and fluid,​ as​ well as​ protecting them from vandalism by the​ shop floor staff .​
They are now installing standard computers in​ PC enclosures this protects them for the​ dust,​ fluid and the​ staff!

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