How Computer Programs That Wipe Hard Drive Work

How Computer Programs That Wipe Hard Drive Work
It can be an​ advocacy but usually,​ companies that dispose old computers when they buy new units often donate the​ equipments to​ institutions and to​ some people who need personal computers .​
This is​ a​ widely acceptable practice .​
But are you ready to​ give much more than the​ worth of​ the​ personal computer you are donating? You might not be fully aware of​ it​ but when you are giving your old personal computer to​ other people,​ you are also giving the​ recipient the​ opportunity to​ access your old files and information saved previously on​ the​ hard disk.
Even if​ you have deleted the​ files in​ the​ Windows operating system and in​ the​ Recycle Bin,​ there would always be traces of​ the​ deleted file somewhere within the​ hard drive of​ the​ computer .​
The simple process of​ deletion would only remove the​ shortcuts to​ the​ files .​
In actuality,​ the​ files are still there,​ though you could hardly trace them .​
But imagine if​ in​ the​ long process of​ donating,​ the​ personal computer goes to​ the​ possession of​ an​ expert who could be able to​ restore and retrieve the​ deleted files .​
There are many recovery and restoration software available in​ the​ market that could facilitate instant retrieval of​ deleted files.
Will you be willing to​ afford to​ lose sensitive information like trade secrets,​ personal information,​ confidential data,​ bank and credit account numbers and contact details of​ clients? Much more,​ will you be willing to​ take the​ risk of​ sharing such important and confidential information to​ some unscrupulous people who might use the​ data inappropriately,​ maliciously and fraudulently? If not,​ then,​ it​ is​ high time you wipe hard drive of​ your computer.
Disk wiping is​ the​ process of​ erasing saved data on​ storage devices like compact discs,​ thumb drives and hard drives .​
When you wipe hard drive,​ you are ensuring that all previously deleted files on​ the​ personal computer would never ever be recovered or​ accessed even with the​ use of​ the​ most powerful data recovery software .​
Wiping hard drive is​ actually working by overwriting the​ entire hard drive not just once but several times .​
Thus,​ you can rest assured that no data or​ file would ever remain in​ the​ computer memory for life .​
To put it​ simply,​ it​ is​ impossible to​ retrieve data that have already been overwritten .​
The process is​ irreversible.
How does the​ process work? When you wipe hard drive,​ the​ process generally overwrites the​ whole disk with zero or​ one .​
a​ reformat would follow .​
The overwriting process takes on​ and repeats itself several times,​ solidifying the​ security purpose .​
That is​ the​ reason why such computer programs usually take some time to​ complete .​
When you wipe hard drive,​ you are practically disk wiping applications by overwriting master boot record,​ the​ partition table and each sector present in​ the​ computer hard drive.
When you wipe a​ hard drive,​ you are ensuring the​ safety and confidentiality of​ all files that had been saved and later on​ erased from the​ computer memory .​
Such pertinent data and information would never ever be accessed by anyone,​ especially the​ unauthorized ones.

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