How Can You Work At Home To Make Money Online

Ever thought starting your internet home based business to​ start to​ make money online? One of​ the​ best and free way is​ to​ start your squidoo lens. Read the​ article how you​ could this through squidoo lens

One of​ the​ hottest sites to​ come out of​ the​ Web 2.0 phenomenon is​ Squidoo. if​ you​ are not building sites to​ Squidoo,​ you​ are missing one of​ the​ quickest and easiest ways to​ build free traffic for your website or​ blog to​ make money online.

Squidoo is​ a​ cross between a​ blog,​ a​ mini site,​ and a​ My Space page. Squidoo calls the​ sites "lenses" and the​ people who produce the​ sites are called "lensmasters."

Squidoo lenses are very easy to​ make,​ even if​ you​ have not ever built a​ website or​ blog before. you​ can have a​ lens up and running in​ as​ little as​ 15 minutes.

Squidoo lenses are made up of​ "modules". Squidoo has dozens of​ modules to​ choose from. There are modules for making lists. There are modules for you​ Tube videos. There are modules for Amazon and Ebay auctions. With a​ little knowledge of​ the​ module system,​ you​ can have your lens built in​ no time.

Squidoo also offers you​ a​ chance to​ make money online from your lens. Squidoo makes its money from affiliate advertising with Google AdSense,​ Amazon,​ Ebay and several other sites. They keep track of​ the​ earnings of​ each module and split the​ profits with you​ 50-50. you​ can also donate your profits of​ your module to​ charity if​ you​ wish.

Squidoo is​ very lenient about allowing you​ to​ use third party advertising on​ your lens. you​ can promote your own website if​ you​ wish or​ promote your favorite affiliate product. Savvy network marketers often use Squidoo lenses to​ promote their products and recruit new reps.

Squidoo lenses often rank very high on​ Google,​ so it's a​ great chance to​ build some backlinks to​ your primary company website and hence increases your website exposure in​ the​ internet to​ make money online.

One of​ the​ best ways to​ use Squidoo to​ build traffic to​ your primary blog is​ by using the​ RSS feed module. you​ simply load the​ RSS feed from your blog and the​ Squidoo lens will update automatically as​ you​ update your blog.

The Amazon module is​ also very easy to​ use for people that are new at​ Squidoo. For the​ case of​ Amazon products,​ you​ simply enter the​ ISBN number of​ the​ Amazon product and Squidoo will pull it​ directly off the​ Amazon website,​ complete with the​ photo and the​ price. you​ can also have the​ module pull directly from keywords if​ you​ don't want to​ take the​ time to​ find ISBN numbers on​ Amazon.

Another great Squidoo module is​ the​ Ebay module. With the​ Ebay module,​ you​ can select products by keyword or​ by seller. if​ you​ sell a​ lot of​ products yourself on​ Ebay,​ this is​ a​ great way to​ get free traffic to​ your auctions.

As you​ can tell,​ Squidoo is​ a​ great free and easy way to​ build traffic and make money online. So get Squidooing!

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