How Can I Start An Internet Business With No Technical Skills

It’s easy for him,​ hr knows about websites. It’s ok for her,​ she understands HTML.

I know how you​ feel,​ I felt the​ same way and yes I have a​ technical and programming development so I learnt what I needed to​ but what if​ you​ can’t or​ don’t want too?

That was a​ question that I had been thinking about for some time. you​ see,​ many years ago I used to​ help people to​ help themselves,​ it​ was probably the​ most satisfying work I have ever done.

With that in​ mind I have been wondering if​ I could help some other people or​ point them in​ the​ right direction at​ least.

Knowing what I do about running an​ online business,​ I sat down and wrote down some criteria that the​ right solution should meet. Any online business for a​ coding “virgin”,​ if​ you​ will excuse the​ term,​ must:-

1. Provide a​ complete website.
2. Be able to​ offer services to​ absolute beginners and experts alike.
3. Be affordable.
4. Have clear instructions and/or training and preferably be fully automated .
5. Offer solutions that people outside of​ marketing would desire.

That seems like a​ tall order,​ but I believed I could find a​ solution,​ if​ I didn’t then I would create one.

What really surprised me when I looked was that the​ solutions were there right in​ front of​ me and what surprised me more was that I had seen these solutions and ignored them because I had seen them so often before!

How dumb is​ that? if​ you​ keep seeing the​ same product being offered month after month,​ year after year,​ then it​ probably works. Why? Because nobody is​ going to​ spend good money advertising a​ lemon are they? of​ course not.

Here’s one of​ the​ solutions I found and what it​ has to​ offer,​ remember the​ list above?

1. Provides an​ extensive website for any Internet virgin.
2. if​ you​ have no idea about HTML code and no experience then this is​ the​ cheapest,​ most complete,​ professional solution you​ will find.
3. the​ cost is​ ongoing,​ that is​ to​ say that you​ pay monthly,​ but you​ do with all websites. the​ cost is​ about the​ same as​ I spend on​ running 3 cheap websites,​ but I have the​ experience.
4. This is​ the​ most amazing thing,​ you​ have a​ full support team,​ online video’s and real people to​ talk to​ on​ the​ phone and fully automated content and customer tracking.
5. you​ can have a​ site offering products and services provided by the​ people who perform all the​ website maintenance for you,​ or,​ you​ can have your own products and services and market them through the​ site.

Looks like a​ winner! it​ is,​ believe me,​ it​ is.

I have seen the​ website for this site so many times that after reading it​ years ago,​ (and dismissing it​ because I though I knew better),​ I only read it​ again this year.

Having read it​ again and again,​ I looked at​ the​ price and got my payment card out right away. I haven’t looked back since.

So,​ I guess you​ would like to​ know what I found. Well,​ I was so impressed that I added this particular package to​ a​ new site area I had created on​ my first website.

Aimed at​ helping people get started in​ business,​ I recommend that you​ visit the​ products page at​ and have a​ close look at​ “An Internet Business right out of​ the​ box”

I’m sure that you​ will be thrilled when you​ look at​ what is​ available. I know how excited I am about this amazing opportunity.

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