How Can Email Marketing Be A Business

How Can Email Marketing Be A Business

Many people think that email marketing has lost its power due to​ the​ new laws. However,​ the​ new laws have actually helped those with newsletters and those using email marketing. it​ has forced publishers to​ write quality newsletters and to​ treat their subscribers with the​ respect that is​ due to​ them. Before the​ laws were in​ place,​ there were many publications that were just advertising machines and much of​ the​ sales copy was of​ poor standard.

Now publishers and businesses are realizing the​ true value of​ their subscribers and treating them like the​ VIP’s they are. This means that email marketing is​ of​ better quality and more effective. Visitors can subscribe to​ newsletters with confidence that they will not be bombarded with advertisements as​ soon as​ they sign up. you​ will get more website sign ups and a​ better open rate for your newsletters.

The only problem now is​ the​ vast amount of​ email filters that sometimes eat up your important mail to​ your subscribers. it​ is​ important to​ alert your subscribers in​ your initial welcome or​ confirmation email,​ and give them instructions on​ how to​ white list your mail. it​ is​ also vital to​ your email marketing campaigns to​ have a​ good reliable auto-responder,​ which is​ user friendly. Use good subject lines that will encourage readers to​ open your mail and will not be caught by the​ spam filters.

List building: using good methods of​ list building is​ the​ key to​ your success with email marketing. it​ is​ critical that you​ gather highly targeted subscribers to​ your opt-in lists. Use methods that will help you​ pinpoint your special niche market so that you​ can ensure the​ best possible open rate and response from your list.

3 Methods of​ email marketing:

1. Newsletter: Your free newsletter is​ your most powerful form of​ email marketing. it​ will achieve a​ few things. One,​ it​ enables you​ to​ build a​ large responsive opt-in list. Secondly,​ it​ will allow you​ to​ develop a​ strong business relationship with your subscribers. Thirdly,​ it​ will allow you​ to​ build other important and profitable business opt-in lists.

2. Mailers: mailers are a​ very profitable and easy way to​ automate your income. you​ set up an​ auto-responder sequence on​ your auto-responder. the​ intervals between mailings will be up to​ you,​ depending on​ what,​ to​ whom,​ and who you​ are promoting. you​ can use this for a​ new product,​ backend selling,​ or​ pre-selling information. the​ mailer can be directed at​ leads that ask for more information or​ old customers.

3. Announcement lists: you​ can make multiple lists for different purposes. One of​ the​ most fun and profitable is​ an​ announcement list. Some of​ your subscribers will be actively searching for new products and this list is​ a​ tailor made for them. This list will alert subscribers about any new product you​ are promoting,​ and of​ course,​ to​ sweeten the​ pie- a​ special discount just for them.

Email marketing is​ still a​ great way to​ market. you​ just need to​ take advantage of​ the​ new technology that helps you​ to​ get your mail past the​ spam filters. One word of​ warning,​ never send email to​ those who are not on​ your opt-in-list. This is​ labeled spam and can get you​ into a​ whole lot of​ trouble. Plus,​ it​ will ruin your reputation as​ a​ business person.

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