How Alans Website Could Easily Make More Money

How Alans Website Could Easily Make More Money

How Alans Website Could Easily Make More Money
My Australian friend,​ Alan,​ recently got in​ touch for advice on​ how to​ make more money from his recently set up website .​

Alan is​ into natural health treatments,​ so his website is​ one that offers natural solutions to​ health problems .​

Alan asked for my advice as​ to​ how to​ monetize this new site,​ knowing that I​ ​ have had success with Google Adsense.
First off,​ Alan needs to​ consider whether sales are his primary objective .​

if​ ​ so,​ the​ addition of​ Adsense to​ the​ site,​ whilst bringing in​ extra income,​ might reduce potential sales.
Adding Adsense to​ his site would be a​ quick & easy way to​ make money .​

I​ ​ suggested a​ horizontal Adsense link,​ just below the​ main navigation bar which runs across his index or​ home page .​

This would look natural and​ looks like part of​ the​ website navigation .​

Also,​ the​ addition of​ a​ Google skyscraper unit on​ the​ right of​ his page would add value to​ the​ site,​ and​ also increase his income,​ but without detracting from his primary objective of​ sales.
Now,​ Alan is​ an​ expert on​ health,​ but not so good at​ ​ search engine optimization .​

His heading for the​ page of​ Simple health treatments by noninvasive electronic acupuncture may explain what the​ page is​ about,​ but it​ isnt going to​ get him hordes of​ traffic from the​ search engines noone is​ looking for either simple health treatments or​ noninvasive electronic acupuncture! Zoom along to​ Overture and​ check out their keyword selector tool in​ the​ resource centre if​ ​ you​ want to​ see just what it​ is​ that people are searching for .​

I suggested to​ Alan that he look at​ ​ which words which people were searching for .​

Although he is​ happy to​ buy traffic for the​ site,​ using the​ pay per click engines e.g .​

Adwords & Overture .​

This makes it​ easy to​ get a​ top search engine ranking for particular words or​ phrases known as​ keywords but can prove an​ expensive way of​ getting traffic.
Improving his natural search engine rankings,​ so that people found his site when typing in​ the​ keywords,​ would reduce Alans costs and​ increase his profit margins considerably.
This is​ relatively easy to​ do,​ and​ in​ fact I​ ​ ran this for Alan myself using Wordtracker .​

This is​ a​ handy piece of​ software which allows you​ to​ look at​ ​ the​ supply and​ demand of​ particular keywords and​ spot gaps in​ the​ market,​ also known as​ niches.
In this case,​ just one of​ the​ keywords which came up as​ in​ high demand but low supply was pain management with acupuncture .​

Alan would do well to​ either use these keywords as​ part of​ his homepage or​ to​ create a​ new page with this title and​ heading,​ together with suitable webcopy .​

By putting these keywords at​ ​ the​ beginning and​ end of​ a​ new page of​ copy,​ very soon this will start to​ get ranked well by the​ search engines and​ receive visitors who arrive for free!
One other easy suggestion for Alan to​ implement,​ since he is​ also a​ writer,​ is​ to​ write a​ couple of​ articles on​ the​ subject of​ natural healing and​ acupuncture and​ to​ submit them to​ a​ few of​ the​ Article Directories,​ such as​ Ezine Articles and​ iSnare .​

This is​ a​ effective and​ natural way to​ get traffic to​ your site with minimum effort.
Watch out for your profit margins Alan theyll be going way up just as​ you​ implement these few simple changes!
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This article was submitted by Jen Carter,​ the​ creator of​ the​ How to​ Earn a​ Million Dollars website.

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