Housecleaning Your Computer Hard Drive Wipe Disk Free Space

Housecleaning Your Computer Hard Drive Wipe Disk Free Space

Housecleaning Your Computer Hard Drive: Wipe Disk Free Space
From the​ earliest beginnings of​ computer usage the​ issue of​ how to​ prevent private or​ sensitive information from being recovered has been discussed .​
People used to​ be careful about putting files of​ this sort into the​ recycle bin,​ then emptying the​ recycle bin .​
It has become more apparent now though that is​ procedure does not prevent the​ access to​ any and all information which is​ or​ has been stored on​ the​ computer at​ any time in​ its history .​

Another method commonly believed to​ eradicate private files is​ the​ process of​ defragmentation .​
Then the​ experts assured computer users that even defragmentation was not enough to​ permanently remove information from the​ computer .​
In essence the​ statement has been made that the​ only truly effective way to​ permanently destroy the​ information stored on​ a​ hard drive is​ to​ completely destroy the​ drive .​

A brief analogy of​ how the​ files on​ a​ hard drive are arranged might help to​ understand the​ difficulty .​
If you had an​ enormous warehouse filled with file folders in​ file cabinets and drawers and you had some bit of​ information in​ one of​ those files that you no longer needed .​
If you left the​ material in​ the​ file folder yet removed and destroyed the​ label then returned the​ folder to​ a​ drawer somewhere in​ one of​ those cabinets you would have a​ somewhat similar situation .​
the​ file folder full of​ information would still be in​ the​ file cabinet,​ but would be impossible to​ find without going through each folder .​
Now imagine this one step further by imagine the​ computer files with a​ map to​ each one's location contained in​ the​ registry,​ then instead of​ removing the​ files,​ you just remove the​ reference to​ them from the​ registry or​ map .​
the​ files are still there,​ right where they were before,​ the​ map just doesn't show where that somewhere is​ .​
On the​ computer registry,​ when a​ file is​ deleted the​ space where it​ is​ located is​ changed to​ available,​ so eventually the​ file with no map location identified is​ overwritten with a​ new file .​
the​ difficulty is​ that it​ may take months or​ even years of​ writing files to​ the​ hard drive before this particular free space is​ covered up with another file .​

Even then,​ more sophisticated file recovery software can find and reconstitute the​ hidden data,​ sometimes two or​ three levels down .​

Changing the​ magnetic orientation of​ each bit by overwriting numerous times is​ known as​ wiping free disk space .​
In fact,​ it​ is​ not taking something away,​ as​ would be understand by using the​ term wiping .​
It is​ actually overwriting the​ spaces which may or​ may not have files which were deleted .​
the​ same is​ true of​ temporary files which can show a​ determined expert what sites you have visited and what files you have tried to​ remove from your computer .​
By using wipe disk software on​ your computer,​ you can be sure that your deleted files are not recoverable.

Housecleaning Your Computer Hard Drive Wipe Disk Free Space

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