Hoodia Gordonii The Weight Loss Herb

Hoodia Gordonii The Weight Loss Herb 1

Hoodia GordoniiThe Weight Loss Herb
Hoodia Gordonii was introduced to​ the​ United States in​ 2004 as​ a​ weight loss herb . ​
it​ has been around for​ thousands of​ years and​ has been used by the​ San people in​ South Africa for​ its ability to​ be an​ appetite suppressant while hunting . ​
the​ Hoodia Gordonii plant looks like a​ cactus but is​ really a​ succulent that grows in​ the​ high areas of​ the​ Kalahari Desert . ​
it​ is​ the​ weight loss herb for​ anyone looking to​ diet without hunger . ​
Hoodia Gordonii is​ not a​ ​Drug​,​ it​ is​ an​ herb . ​
it​ is​ a​ completely natural and​ safe herbal diet pill for​ weight loss that will not cause any stimulation . ​

There are many pharmaceutical firms that are trying to​ make a​ synthesized version of​ the​ Hoodia Gordonii plant,​ in​ order to​ patent it . ​
But from all the​ research that has been done you​ must consume the​ plant or​ powder causal to​ achieve the​ weight loss you​ desire . ​

Since this weight loss herb has become so lucrative people are digging up anything that looks like Hoodia . ​
Because of​ the​ high demand for​ Hoodia Botswana,​ Namibia,​ and​ South Africa have placed this herb on​ the​ Endangered Species list . ​
This enables them to​ control the​ harvesting and​ exportation of​ Hoodia Gordonii . ​

To be sure you​ are purchasing only natural Hoodia,​ check if​ the​ company has two things that will guarantee it . ​
First make sure they have a​ C&A,​ which is​ a​ Certificate of​ Analysis . ​
This tells you​ that the​ substance has been analyzed and​ it​ is​ pure Hoodia Gordonii . ​
the​ next piece of​ information you​ want to​ have about this herb is​ if​ the​ company has a​ CITES certificate,​ it​ is​ the​ Convention on​ the​ International Trade in​ Endangered Species of​ the​ Worlds Fauna and​ Wildlife . ​
the​ second line on​ the​ certificate will say valid until date,​ make sure it​ is​ still valid . ​
These two pieces of​ documentation let you​ know that you​ are buying real Hoodia Gordonii . ​
While there are several species of​ Hoodia,​ only Hoodia Gordonii is​ the​ herb with the​ appetite suppressant . ​

Hoodia Gordonii has a​ molecule that acts much like glucose on​ the​ nerve cells . ​
it​ is​ an​ herb that tricks the​ brain into feeling full . ​
in​ some trials it​ has reduced the​ appetite by hundreds of​ calories each day . ​
the​ Hoodia molecule has been found to​ contain 10,​000 times the​ molecule as​ glucose . ​
the​ molecule goes to​ the​ hypothalamus in​ mid brain and​ fires the​ cells that signal your brain that you​ have had enough . ​
This herb actually takes away your desire to​ eat . ​

Some of​ the​ qualities of​ Hoodia Gordonii are,​ losing an​ interest in​ food,​ longer periods of​ time before hunger returns,​ quickly feeling full,​ and​ a​ general over all good feeling . ​
Plus the​ herbs added benefit is​ that there are no side effects . ​

There have been some people that say that their Hoodia Gordonii supplement works right away . ​
Others have reported that it​ takes a​ two week regime of​ regularly using the​ herb for​ the​ appetite suppression to​ begin . ​

Hoodia Gordonii is​ not a​ miracle cure for​ obesity; I ​ would be lying to​ say that . ​
it​ will suppress your appetite,​ but use a​ little common sense . ​
you​ should exercise,​ since it​ has been proven that diet and​ exercise go hand in​ hand . ​
you​ should drink plenty of​ water to​ flush the​ fat and​ toxins from your body . ​
Eating healthy will make your weight reduction much easier . ​
Those items along with the​ weight loss herb Hoodia Gordonii will get you​ to​ your goal of​ a​ healthier lifestyle . ​

Heres to​ success with the​ weight loss herb Hoodia Gordonii . ​

For more information on​ Hoodia Gordonii visit my Gardening Herb website . ​

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com website . ​

Hoodia Gordonii The Weight Loss Herb

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