Hoodia For Appetite Suppression And Weight Loss

Occasionally you hear so much about something that you have to​ get more information. Hoodia is​ one of​ the​ substances that I just keep hearing about over and over so I wanted to​ do some research and pass it​ on.

Hoodia is​ a​ cactus like plant that is​ found in​ parts of​ Africa. of​ all the​ various forms of​ Hoodia available,​ Hoodia Gordonii is​ the​ one that seems to​ be touting the​ appetite suppression benefits. Some people may like the​ fact that hoodia is​ not a​ stimulant but rather it​ is​ believed that hoodia causes the​ brain to​ send very strong signals that the​ stomach is​ full even when it​ is​ not. the​ signals sent are reported to​ be much stronger than the​ signals sent by sugar.

Hoodia is​ relatively new on​ the​ market so for those of​ you who are not into experimenting with themselves; you may want to​ wait for more studies to​ come out on​ hoodia. I have not been able to​ find any studies done on​ hoodia and weight loss – but I have found tons of​ anecdotal evidence.

Anecdotal evidence sometimes precludes valid scientific findings and sometimes it​ turns out to​ be hype.

If hoodia proves to​ be a​ non-stimulating appetite suppressant,​ then I could see it​ benefiting those trying to​ cut down on​ evening eating,​ those who have trouble eating several smaller portions throughout the​ day,​ and those who just tend to​ be overcome by cravings.

Remember supplements are only a​ tool in​ your weight loss/healthy lifestyle arsenal.

If you do decide to​ purchase hoodia,​ make sure you purchase from a​ company that is​ known to​ be trusted and reputable.

The jury is​ still out on​ hoodia and weight loss and appetite suppression but it​ looks as​ if​ the​ anecdotal evidence is​ mounting up in​ a​ promising way.

Sometimes anecdotal evidence leads to​ scientific studies. (like with creatine and weight lifting) So if​ you are willing to​ experiment and your doctor has approved,​ hoodia may be worth trying.

Wishing you the​ best of​ health,​

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