Home Away From Home Benefits Of Condos Over Hotels And Rv S

Home Away From Home Benefits Of Condos Over Hotels And Rv S

Home Away From Home: Benefits of​ Condos Over Hotels and​ RV’s

Most parents of​ school-age children are forced to​ confine their family vacations to​ summer months, Christmas holiday and​ Spring break. Other families can choose to​ take their vacations at​ any time that is​ appropriate to​ their personal preferences.

When people consider their vacation​ or​ weekend getaways, few understand​ the true range of​ options they really do have available to​ them. Many people think their only options for​ lodging on​ vacation​ is​ limited to: hotels, motels, cabins, RV’s, travel trailers, and​ tents. But the truth is​ that there are a​ few more options that most people never even consider.

Condominiums, also referred to​ as​ Condos, are another great lodging option​ to​ consider. But, just speaking the word Condo brings to​ mind for​ many the concept of​ Time Share Condos. of​ course, that is​ one option​ with a​ Condo, but we are going to​ look at​ the other options as​ well.

Condominium Residency Arrangements

A condominium, very literally, is​ very similar to​ an​ apartment. it​ is​ a​ fully self-contained living arrangement, with a​ living area, bedrooms, private balconies, and​ a​ full kitchen; and​ most condos contain​ all of​ the amenities, including big screen televisions, DVD players, high-speed Internet access, and​ other creature comforts we generally have in​ our homes, such as​ washers and​ dryers. Many condos also have hot tubs or​ Jacuzzis in​ the apartments.

Condos are basically full apartments, located in​ areas of​ prime real estate, such as​ Las Vegas on​ the Strip, or​ many other locations around the world on​ beachfront property. Condos generally provide additional benefits such as​ swimming pools, weight rooms, restaurants, and​ other high-value goodies.

We are going to​ look at​ four types of​ Condo purchase arrangements in​ this​ section.

1. Condominium Ownership – Condo ownership costs include the purchase price of​ the apartment and​ yearly fees to​ cover maintenance costs.

2. Condominium Timeshares – With a​ timeshare, the basic concept is​ that more people can afford them, because the cost of​ ownership is​ split among several owners on​ a​ per week basis. When someone buys a​ timeshare, they are buying a​ 1/52nd ownership of​ the Condo for​ a​ specific, pre-designated calendar week. With a​ timeshare, one is​ entitled to​ take over the property beginning on​ a​ specific calendar date, and​ they must vacate the property at​ the end of​ the week.

3. Condominium Rentals – Instead of​ timesharing a​ condo, many people opt to​ rent a​ condo, which frequently requires a​ purchase of​ a​ specific weekly period, although many condos provide flexibility so that you​ can decide which week you​ would like to​ rent. Some condo owners will allow individuals to​ rent by the day, but those have a​ much lower availability, than the condos that rent by the week. More on​ this​ later in​ this​ article.

4. The Dreaded Seminar Timeshare – Some companies are so desperate to​ find people to​ listen to​ their sales message that they are willing to​ put prospects up in​ a​ timeshare condo for​ the weekend or​ week, so long as​ the person(s) agrees to​ attend a​ specific number of​ sales presentations during their stay.

Benefits of​ Condos Over Hotels

The greatest benefit of​ condominiums over hotels is​ two-fold.

First, condos are fully self-contained, providing kitchens, spacious living and​ all of​ the luxuries of​ home to​ their guests. Many also provide high-speed Internet and​ data access to​ their business-class guests. for​ many folks, the full kitchen is​ the greatest advantage of​ a​ condo, in​ that, they will not have to​ eat nearly every meal in​ a​ restaurant, enabling the vacationer to​ spend his or​ her money on​ attractions rather than on​ restaurant foods.

The second greatest benefit for​ condominiums is​ three-fold: location, location, and​ location. Condos are generally located on​ some of​ the best prime real estate properties in​ the world. for​ example, City Center in​ Las Vegas is​ located on​ the Strip between the Bellagio Hotel and​ Casino and​ the New York, New York Hotel and​ Casino. Beachfront condos exist in​ nearly every major beach destination​ in​ the world. Condos are available in​ San Francisco, Chicago, NYC, Atlanta and​ Miami, just to​ name a​ few metropolitan locations. and​ locations are not restricted to​ U.S. destinations; in​ fact, condos are available in​ nearly every travel destination​ of​ the world.

Benefits of​ Condos Over RV’s and​ Travel Trailers

RV’s are nice, but considering the cost of​ fuel these days, they are seldom a​ great option​ for​ most travelers. a​ friend of​ mine recently priced a​ RV for​ a​ planned family vacation, and​ he found the cost for​ eight days would easily exceed one thousand​ dollars, plus mileage over 200 miles, plus fuel. at​ eight miles per gallon, his planned trip of​ 500 miles one-way would have easily translated into 125 gallons of​ gasoline and​ more than $400, just in​ fuel costs, at​ current fuel prices.

Sure, the RV is​ still more spacious than a​ car during a​ long road trip, but for​ the cost, renting a​ Cadillac for​ the trip might just make more sense. Given the claustrophobic nature of​ his wife, he felt that train​ or​ airplane might make more sense for​ his roundtrip transportation​ needs.

Transportation​ costs aside, the travel trailer and​ RV are both generally a​ bit confining in​ the space considerations. Certainly, the RV beats the travel trailer hands down in​ this​ department, most of​ the time, but when you​ consider the stress of​ stuffing a​ family of​ five with three young children into a​ RV, there is​ never enough space available for​ the sanity of​ the parents.

Benefits Over the Great Outdoors

With smaller travel trailers, travelers are still stuck with cooking outdoors. Sure, the travel trailer might be easier than the tent to​ set up, but travel trailers usually have small kitchens, if​ they even have a​ kitchen at​ all. Cooking outdoors for​ a​ family is​ more of​ a​ challenge than many in​ today’s world want to​ consider.

The limited amount of​ refrigerated storage is​ another area that is​ usually greatly strained with the use of​ the average travel trailer or​ tent camping experience. Going into the woods with a​ ice chest is​ fine for​ an​ afternoon​ trip, but once that trip expands beyond the life of​ the ice in​ the chest, then food options drop off considerably. this​ is​ the greatest cause of​ stress for​ people planning such trips. They always need to​ manage how they can maximize their food store, within​ very limited-size refrigerated storage containers.

in​ today’s modern world, it​ is​ frequently impossible to​ escape the reliance we have come to​ have for​ modern technology. this​ leads to​ a​ need for​ power supplies that can accompany the traveler, to​ keep them plugged into their gadgets. Tents and​ small travel trailers do not accommodate this​ need in​ many instances.

The Purpose of​ Vacations is​ Rest and​ Relaxation, Which is​ Sometimes Lost

for​ many of​ us, the purpose of​ a​ vacation​ is​ rest and​ relaxation. But, as​ we have seen above, the challenges of​ taking long trips can sometimes produce more stress than relaxation.

Another friend told me that he was very much relieved when his parents decided not to​ take any more summer vacations “for​ the family.” He said that by the end of​ the first day, every member of​ his family was ready to​ strangle the other. By the end of​ day two of​ their six-day traveling vacations, everyone wanted to​ go home, but his dad was stubborn to​ a​ fault. His family had tried nearly all of​ the above options: tents, travel trailers, RV’s, hotels and​ motels.

Even today, twenty years later, he cannot fathom a​ family vacation​ like his parents took, without his blood pressure going up. a​ few years back, he had tried the condominium rental route, and​ he has never looked back.

He told me that for​ him and​ his young family, the only vacation​ choice they will ever take advantage of​ is​ the condo rentals. He said the money he saves by not going to​ restaurants, generally covers the extra costs of​ the condominium. He said the enjoyment that he and​ his family experience, is​ far greater than what it​ would be if​ they forced themselves to​ live in​ a​ hotel room for​ a​ week. He said the extra goodies that the condos generally provide help him to​ give his family a​ much more rounded and​ robust experience. He says the added space and​ convenience of​ the condo experience permits him and​ his wife to​ relax more during their out-of-state vacations.

Making a​ Great Vacation​ Even Better

I am in​ the business of​ providing wholesale travel packages to​ the consumer market. I got into this​ business myself, because I love to​ travel with my family. Because I am able to​ save so much money on​ my own travel, it​ enables me to​ take my family on​ more trips and​ vacations than I had previously thought I could do.

The one thing I love most about my job is​ that I can give others the power to​ do as​ I do. I set my friend up with a​ discount condo card package, and​ now he is​ able to​ get his condominium rentals for​ much less than he was previously able to​ do. Depending on​ his trip destinations, he was generally paying $650 to​ $2500 for​ one week in​ his choice destination.

When I was able to​ hook him up with the discount condo card package, he paid one small upfront fee to​ my company of​ $250 for​ the condo card. on​ one trip, he stayed in​ a​ five-star condo resort and​ was able to​ get the condo for​ a​ week at​ just about 25% of​ what it​ would have cost him to​ rent it​ at​ retail cost. on​ another trip, he was able to​ stay in​ a​ beachfront condo for​ one week, and​ it​ only cost him the taxes that were due on​ the condo for​ his one-week stay, a​ whopping $199.

All told, my friend has so far taken two one-week vacations, and​ between plane tickets and​ condo costs, he has only spent about half of​ what he spent on​ his previous trip, the one he took before I set him up to​ take advantage of​ the travel packages I sell.

The Greatest Reward

The greatest reward for​ me in​ what I do, is​ knowing how I am able to​ help people get more out of​ life for​ less money than what they would spend on​ their own, without my help.

in​ conclusion, let me ask you​ two very important questions. First, how much did you​ spend on​ your​ last family vacation​ or​ weekend getaway? and​ secondly, how much are you​ going to​ have to​ spend on​ your​ next family vacation​ or​ weekend getaway?

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