Holiday Diet And Weight Loss Tips

Holiday Diet And Weight Loss Tips

The approaching holidays are a​ nightmare for anyone engaged in​ a​ weight loss or​ diet regimen and with very good reason. With all of​ the​ temptations that seem to​ lurk around every corner,​ office get-together and holiday party; it​ can be easy for even the​ most determined dieters to​ get sidetracked and lose sight of​ their weight loss goals. This year; however,​ by giving your choices and portions a​ little carefully aimed attention you can avoid destroying all the​ hard work you have put into your diet the​ rest of​ the​ year.

One of​ the​ biggest challenges for many dieters during the​ holiday season is​ avoiding the​ hectic round of​ get-togethers and parties that almost always come hand in​ hand with the​ holidays. the​ good news about such events; however,​ is​ that many of​ them tend to​ be buffet and pot-luck types of​ affairs; which gives you numerous options that can help you to​ stick to​ your diet plans. While buffet tables are typically laden with heavy casseroles and fatty appetizers,​ you can usually find at​ least one platter of​ fresh vegetables served with a​ nice low-fat dip. Also,​ opt for fresh fruits instead of​ the​ abundance of​ baked desserts that are typically offered. Instead of​ stocking your plate up with diet dangerous foods,​ choose steamed vegetables and healthy grains such as​ wild rice and wheat bread. Opting for white meat instead of​ dark meat can also help you to​ stay on​ the​ straight and narrow,​ by avoiding additional calories.

Whenever possible,​ limit the​ amount of​ alcohol based beverages that you consume. Just a​ few alcoholic beverages contain a​ surprising amount of​ calories; not to​ mention the​ fact that they only serve to​ increase the​ appetite of​ most people. Choose a​ light bear,​ wine spritzer or​ carbonated flavored water instead.

When it’s your turn to​ prepare the​ mound of​ requisite holiday food,​ remember that there are several tricks you can employ in​ order to​ stay true to​ your diet goals and keep family and friends pleased at​ the​ same time. One way to​ do this is​ by substituting evaporated skim milk for regular milk or​ cream in​ your holiday recipes. This will help to​ tremendously cut down on​ the​ amount of​ fat and calories included in​ your dishes without sacrificing taste. Unsweetened applesauce makes a​ great substitute for calorie laden oil while egg substitute can easily replace the​ requirement for eggs in​ most recipes without any noticeable change to​ the​ taste.

Finally,​ one of​ the​ best ways that you can avoid overindulging this holiday season is​ to​ take it​ slow and easy. Remember that the​ entire point of​ this time of​ year is​ to​ get together with friends and family members; many of​ which you might not see for months to​ come. Focus on​ the​ fun and conversation instead of​ rushing through a​ heavy meal and you’ll find that not only did you enjoy this year more,​ but that you made it​ through with your diet intact.

Holiday Diet And Weight Loss Tips

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