History Of Arcade Games

History of​ Arcade Games
The first arcade game started from Pong,​ but then moved on​ to​ become one of​ the​ biggest rages of​ the​ time .​
The games where mostly simple in​ design,​ but gave you plenty of​ raw game time .​
With the​ newer arcade games,​ you will find that it​ made use of​ intense leaps in​ technology and now uses some of​ the​ best graphic technology on​ the​ market .​
The arcade games were designed to​ be played with a​ group of​ friends in​ pubs,​ malls and restaurants.
These days arcade games are more than isolated gaming sessions .​
Keep in​ mind that arcade games have plenty of​ followers and now have built communities and even cults that are committed to​ the​ tradition of​ playing .​
Then the​ arcade game came into the​ home,​ thanks to​ the​ home console gaming units. .​
They started out as​ redemption games,​ pinball machines and video games.
The reason that arcades began to​ shut down was because they were labeled as​ very sinister places and they became known for being unsafe .​
They saw resurgence with the​ advent of​ the​ two players fighting each other games such as​ Mortal Kombat,​ Street Fighter and Killer Instinct.
But,​ then,​ again the​ game consoles and PC’s with 3d accelerator cards successfully dwarfed the​ advantage arcade games enjoyed .​
When it​ comes to​ the​ success of​ arcade games,​ you will find that it​ has beat the​ home computer game popularity and also it​ has become available on​ many systems so that you can get new games with better quality graphics and also you’ll be able to​ use better sound cards so that the​ experience of​ the​ game is​ better .​
The steep decline ensured that they could no longer fund their technologies.
Then,​ the​ decline of​ the​ arcade hit hard in​ the​ last 1990’s,​ because the​ internet made things a​ bit worse .​
With help from the​ internet the​ competition between players got a​ lot more serious .​
This is​ why most of​ the​ arcade games have been changed into PC games or​ home console gaming units .​
Today the​ online arcade games have a​ huge fan following with thousands of​ tournaments being held online every year.
As for the​ online arcade games,​ you will find that it​ is​ a​ very fast pace world that allows the​ arcade become more virtual and the​ graphics are a​ lot better .​
When you think about arcades,​ you have to​ realize that there is​ a​ new type of​ future for these games .​

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