Herbal Weight Loss

Losing Weight? Go Herbal
These days,​ there is​ a​ great need for​ overweight Americans to​ lose those excess pounds . ​
Being healthy would not only lead them to​ have a​ healthier lifestyle but it​ will also literally lighten their load,​ and​ improve their overall wellbeing . ​

There is​ a​ long list of​ dieting options available . ​
There are exercise programs,​ exercise machines,​ dietary supplements,​ dietary food and​ drinks,​ diet pills there are even soaps which claim to​ help you​ lose pounds while you​ bathe . ​

One other available option to​ shed off those unwanted pounds is​ to​ go herbal . ​

Herbal weight loss products have been in​ great demand for​ people who want to​ lose weight the​ natural way . ​
However,​ when you​ take herbal supplements to​ lose weight,​ you​ would have to​ wait for​ a​ longer time for​ the​ results because of​ the​ more subtle effects of​ medicines which came from plants and​ natural herbs . ​

Here are some herbal weight loss options that you​ might want to​ consider
1 . ​
Herbal weight loss products
There are a​ lot of​ herbal weight loss products available in​ the​ market now . ​
you​ can check out the​ Internet and​ you​ will find a​ lot of​ herbal weight loss pills and​ products . ​

Be careful,​ however,​ as​ there are some products which claim to​ be safe and​ natural because they are herbal,​ but some actually have side effects because of​ nonextensive research on​ the​ effects of​ these products . ​

Here are some ingredients and​ chemicals which make up some herbal weight loss products that you​ should watch out for,​ as​ they might have harmful effects to​ your health
> Senna . ​
This is​ an​ herbal laxative . ​
Senna is​ a​ main ingredient in​ weight loss teas,​ and​ it​ works by stimulation the​ colon . ​
the​ downside effect of​ this herb is​ dehydration . ​
it​ can also lead to​ colon problems and​ can become addictive . ​
Some people,​ when addicted,​ are unable to​ perform bowel movements without it,​ so watch out . ​

> Chromium picolinate . ​
This is​ a​ synthetic compound found in​ herbal weight loss products . ​
Chromium is​ a​ nutrient which helps regulate bloodsugar level . ​
However,​ this ingredient,​ when taken in​ high doses,​ may cause damage in​ the​ chromosomes . ​
it​ can also lead to​ dehydration . ​

> St . ​
Johns wort . ​
This supplement increases the​ production of​ a​ chemical in​ the​ brain . ​
if​ not used properly,​ it​ may cause eye and​ skin sensitivity,​ mild gastrointestinal distress,​ fatigue and​ itching . ​

Although a​ lot of​ herbal products claim to​ be safe and​ natural,​ it​ is​ better to​ scrutinize the​ ingredients and​ research about the​ effects of​ the​ product itself before going for​ these herbal dietary pills . ​

2 . ​
Organic food . ​

In Wichita,​ Kansas,​ organic food has found its way to​ more homes and​ restaurants . ​
Organic food devotees believe that consuming organic goodies help their bodies as​ well as​ the​ environment . ​

A person who buys organically raised eggs and​ vegetables claim to​ be healthier,​ and​ they are not spending money on​ doctors and​ prescriptions as​ these keep them healthier and​ away from the​ hospital . ​
This could also be an​ option for​ weight watchers,​ as​ organic food is​ known to​ be kinder to​ your weight than chemicallyprocessed food products . ​

3 . ​
Green Tea . ​

Studies show that intake of​ green tea,​ or​ green tea extracts burns extra calories . ​
Also,​ green tea with caffeine can increase fat burning by up to​ 40% thereby reducing fat . ​

This is​ one good option for​ those who want to​ lose weight . ​
in​ a​ study done,​ people who took green tea were found to​ lose 2 to​ 3 times more weight than those who did not drink green tea . ​

These results show that green tea is​ a​ natural product for​ the​ treatment of​ obesity . ​
Thus,​ it​ also makes for​ a​ healthier dietary option,​ not to​ mention the​ good effects that it​ has on​ the​ body as​ compared to​ caffeine . ​
a​ cup of​ tea gives an​ emmediate energy lift without the​ side effects of​ caffeine . ​

3 . ​
Caffeine . ​

Coffee provides an​ energy boost to​ increase fat burning . ​
Caffeine also provides a​ likelihood to​ be active,​ which in​ turn increases your rate of​ calorie burn . ​

4 . ​
Immortality Herb
This herb,​ whose scientific name is​ Gymnostemna Pentaphyllum,​ is​ known to​ have the​ following benefits
> increases healthy blood flow
> reduces artery blocks
> aids healthy blood pressure
> increases the​ rate of​ fat burning
5 . ​
Apple Cider Vinegar
There are pills and​ food supplements whose main ingredient is​ apple cider vinegar . ​
Here are the​ benefits of​ taking this herbal option
> weight loss
> improved cholesterol level
> improved high blood pressure
> helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis

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