Herbal Tea Benefits

When you​ think about what hot drinks you​ want to​ have at​ the morning, or​ for​ that matter, at​ any other time of​ the day, consider this: caffeine can seriously affect your​ health. Now it​ is​ no secret that some of​ the tea companies use caffeine in​ their products; you​ can of​ course choose those that don’t – for​ example, let us take Wissotzky tea: Black tea has 60 - 70 mg of​ caffeine, Green tea has 15 - 20 mg while Herbal Tea would have no caffeine at​ all.

The variety of​ tastes is​ quite large: Raspberry Tea, Peach Tea, Nana Tea, Lemon​ Tea, Cherry Tea – and​ most importantly – no side effects. it​ may appear surprising that drinking something like tea should cause anything at​ all, yet it​ is​ important to​ know the facts. as​ turns out, caffeine may act upon​ our moods – especially if​ you​ have a​ tendency towards depression​ – be aware – consuming caffeine may depress you​ even more.

To those of​ you​ with depression​ tendencies – avoid caffeine at​ all cause! Especially when mixed with white sugar, it​ operates on​ the brain​ and​ may make you​ feel worse than you​ did before (brown sugar is​ better anyway). as​ you​ have surely by this​ time realized – coffee may be your​ biggest enemy. Black coffee consists 150 mg of​ caffeine and​ Instant coffee 120 mg. if​ you’re a​ “heavy drinker”, do the math. and​ let us not forget Coca Cola. this​ same drink that has conquered the world so fast is​ another host of​ caffeine. it​ is​ not in​ vain​ that caffeine is​ compared to​ drugs – indeed, some of​ us are real Cola-addicts! (I confess, I used to​ be one myself)

Please, don’t be depressed by this, my intention​ in​ precisely the opposite one: my solution​ was simply not drinking it​ anymore. There are plenty of​ other delicious drinks that consist of​ herbs, and​ work to​ improve you​ daily nutrition. I know that simply refusing something you​ like may sound hard to​ do, yet it​ is​ quite simple when you​ try.
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