Heath Benefits Of Cycling 15 Minutes A Day

Heath Benefits Of Cycling 15 Minutes A Day

When done properly, cycling is​ an​ effective and​ enjoyable form of​ aerobic exercise. Cycling can reduce the risk of​ heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity and​ diabetes according to​ a​ report by Kelley GA. Effects of​ Aerobic exercise in​ normotensive adults, 1995. it​ can reduce your​ ‘real age’, lowering it​ more than a​ decade lower than your​ chronological age.

The indirect health benefits include reducing serious injuries caused by falls in​ older people, osteoporosis, and​ hip fractures.

Statistics show that cyclists, even those who only travel short distances can reduce the risk of​ death by 22 per cent.

Optimum results are achieved when cyclists are breathing heavily, but are not out of​ breath. Exercise has been shown to​ increase HDL (“good” cholesterol) and​ reduce the amount of​ triglycerides in​ the blood. Again, this​ means improved cardiovascular health. this​ leads to​ a​ reduced chance of​ heart blockage and​ reduces the risk of​ stroke. There are some reports that link exercise to​ a​ lowered risk of​ developing some cancer, like colon​ cancer.

Cycling burns the calories in​ a​ chocolate bar or​ a​ couple of​ alcoholic drinks in​ one hour, 300 calories. Translated into modern lifestyle terms, a​ fifteen-minute bike ride, five times a​ week, burns off 11 pounds of​ fat a​ year and​ meets the requirements for​ reducing heath risks.

There is​ a​ trick to​ exercising. Running a​ nine-minute-mile burns 11 calories a​ minute. Walking at​ 18 minutes per mile burns five. Faster exercise burns more calories.

Exercise continues to​ burn fat after the workout ends. Once the sweating stops the body’s metabolisms remains high. you​ can you​ increase the post-exercise burn?

A few scientific studies suggest that exercising for​ 20 minutes at​ 35 to​ 55% of​ aerobic capacity, as​ in​ riding briskly, elevated metabolism for​ 20 minutes after stopping. That means that a​ 20 minute, brisk bike ride burns fat for​ 40 minutes.
Cycling has been proven to​ reduce stress and​ depression​ and​ relieve symptoms of​ premenstrual syndrome.

The Department of​ Transport reports that 'even a​ small amount of​ cycling can lead to​ significant gains in​ fitness'. The study reveals that aerobic fitness was boosted by 11 per cent after six weeks of​ cycling 'short distances' four times a​ week and​ cycling four miles a​ day the aerobic benefit increased to​ 17 per cent.

The Fentem PH. ABC of​ sports medicine report, Benefits of​ exercise in​ health and​ disease, 1994 concludes that cycling is​ 'one of​ the few physical activities which can be undertaken by the majority of​ the population​ as​ part of​ a​ daily routine'.

The choice of​ bike is​ a​ personal thing.

Most people never cycle more than five miles, so choosing an​ expensive bike designed to​ challenge the most adventurous dare devils. Instead, choose a​ bike that will manage the local terrain, comfortably.

Equipment needs will also vary. Older people should consider elbow and​ knee guards. These will help prevent debilitating joint injuries that can seriously limit your​ mobility. a​ helmet is​ not optional.

Do not buy a​ helmet from a​ local hardware store. Get one from a​ bicycle specialty store. The selection​ is​ larger, and​ the quality better. Shopping at​ an​ online store can also save money.

Once introduced into the bicyle riding community, you'll soon​ set out on​ your​ daily cycle for​ the joy of​ it. Health benefits will be secondary

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