Hate Your Workspace Convincing Your Boss To Change It Could Benefit

Hate Your Workspace Convincing Your Boss To Change It Could Benefit Everyone

Hate your​ Workspace? Convincing your​ Boss To Change It Could Benefit Everyone
Working inside an​ office cubicle may be hazardous to​ your​ workplace happiness .​
As a​ matter of​ fact, if​ you​ aren't satisfied with the physical workspace at​ your​ current job, you​ have lots of​ company .​
a​ recent study found that nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of​ respondents felt the same way.
That's something many businesses are taking note of​ .​
With more people spending more time in​ their office, the visual appeal and​ physical comfort of​ their work environment are becoming increasingly important.
How important?
It's been shown that properly designed workspaces can increase employee productivity, creativity and​ collaboration​ .​
To make that happen, one Connecticut-based company built an​ 85,000-square-foot, high-tech, open office complete with chairs and​ movable desk configurations on​ wheels, no cubicles and​ a​ rotating collection​ of​ art from local artists.
Open Door-less Policy
Employees at​ that firm, Vertrue Incorporated, can still find privacy for​ meetings or​ phone calls in​ separate quiet rooms .​
However, their computers are connected to​ an​ Electric Eel, a​ set of​ springing cable cords that extend from the ceiling and​ provide the voltage to​ power each mobile workstation​ .​
this​ allows them to​ roll up next to​ their colleagues for​ impromptu meetings.
and​ that open door-less policy extends all the way up to​ CEO Gary Johnson​ .​
It's part of​ our commitment to​ making this​ a​ happier, more fun place to​ work, he said .​
Convincing your​ Boss
So how do you​ get your​ employer to​ make changes? and​ should you​ aim for​ the same lactation​ room for​ nursing mothers, high-tech café featuring flat-screen TVs, and​ comfort room for​ ill employees that Vertrue opted for?
Experts say you​ should consider the following tips:
• Conduct research on​ the Internet on​ other companies that have created open-office environments.
• Ask your​ boss or​ human resources representative for​ a​ private meeting to​ discuss these ideas .​
• Create and​ distribute an​ employee survey, asking others for​ their suggestions on​ which changes in​ the office might make them happier on​ the job.
Remember, the space you​ work in​ can affect the pace you​ work at.

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