Guitar Tip Secret Benefits Of Using A Metronome

Guitar Tip: Secret Benefits of​ Using a​ Metronome.
I'm sure you've heard that it​ is​ incredibly useful to​ practice with a​ metronome .​
Most books and​ teachers make it​ abundantly clear that using a​ metronome is​ a​ great way to​ improve your​ timing .​
this​ is​ true .​
But did you​ know that there are other HUGE benefits to​ using a​ metronome? Let's take a​ look at​ a​ few now...
***Goal Setting***
It’s been proven time-and-time again​ that goals need to​ be specific and​ measurable to​ work .​
if​ you​ don’t know exactly WHAT you​ are trying to​ achieve, how will you​ know WHEN you​ have achieved it?
I use my metronome all the time to​ help me set SPECIFIC goals for​ my technique development .​
for​ example, let's say that you​ would like to​ increase the speed at​ which you​ can play a​ particular exercise .​
if​ you​ use a​ metronome you​ can set an​ EXACT speed for​ your​ goal .​
for​ example, you​ might say that when you​ can play the exercise using sixteenth notes at​ 160 bpm (beats-per-minute), then you​ have reached your​ goal .​
Can you​ see how powerful this​ is? The metronome setting gives you​ a​ clear target to​ aim for!
***Progressive Realization​ of​ Goals***
Metronomes allow you​ to​ progressively achieve your​ goals .​
What do I​ mean by this? Put simply, it​ means start slow and​ GRADUALLY increase the speed of​ your​ metronome .​
for​ example, let’s say you​ want to​ get a​ particular lick up to​ 200 bpm .​
you​ could first master the lick at​ 40 bpm .​
Once mastered at​ this​ speed you​ could then increase the metronome speed to​ 42 bpm, then 44 bpm, then 46 bpm .​
you​ get the idea! you​ would work up to​ the target speed incrementally over a​ period of​ days, weeks or​ even months.
***Developing Listening Skills***
One absolutely vital skill to​ develop is​ the ability to​ play your​ guitar while still being able to​ listen to​ the people that you​ are playing with .​
this​ is​ especially true in​ jazz, where a​ large proportion​ of​ the song may be improvised!
Metronomes really help you​ develop this​ listening skill .​
As you​ practice you​ will also have to​ be listening to​ the click of​ your​ metronome .​
if​ you​ don’t, you​ will soon​ be playing out of​ time with it!
Obviously, you’ll develop this​ listening ability more fully by playing with other musicians, but playing with a​ metronome will definitely help as​ well .​
It’s a​ great place to​ start and​ can often can help build your​ confidence to​ play with other people.
Hopefully this​ article has inspired you​ to​ dust off your​ metronome and​ use it .​
It would also be a​ great exercise to​ think of​ some other benefits yourself .​
Practice hard and​ have fun!

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