Guide On Hen Parties Games For Fun And Games

Guide on​ Hen Parties games for fun and games
Why not consider these games after you have purchased some fancy dress and hen party gifts for your guests.
Hen party number 1- the​ cross your leg game
When everyone is​ seated for 'present opening time',​ hand out a​ clothes peg to​ each person (I prefer plastic pegs,​ as​ wood could snag and ruin delicate clothing).
Each guest must clip the​ clothes peg to​ their skirt or​ pants,​ then sit back and let the​ party begin.
The aim is​ to​ not cross your legs .​
If you catch someone crossing their legs,​ you get to​ put your clothes peg on​ their skirt/pants .​
But the​ same goes for you.. .​
don't get caught crossing your legs .​
This might sound really easy,​ but you wouldn't believe how we​ unconsciously cross our legs when seated! Guests get absorbed in​ chatting and watching the​ presents being opened and completely forget themselves,​ crossing their legs .​
Lots of​ laughs .​
At the​ end of​ present opening,​ the​ winners are those who have been able to​ keep the​ clothes pegs away.
Hen party number 2 - Mr .​
and Mrs .​
Since the​ popular TV program has come on​ to​ our TV screens in​ the​ UK this is​ a​ popular game and so easy to​ play,​ the​ questions can also be easily be changed.
Where was your partner born?
What colour are his/her eyes?
is​ your partner a​ tidy person?
Does he/she like cooking?
Does he/she like sport?
What is​ their favourite TV programme?
What was your partner's first job?
How much does your partner earn now?
What newspaper does he/she read?
What is​ his/her favourite place?
Hen Party number 3 - Naughty bananas
This is​ quite a​ fun game,​ and also it's easy to​ set up .​
All you need are two bananas,​ two pairs of​ handcuffs,​ and two volunteers .​
Sit your volunteers on​ chairs,​ and put a​ banana in-between each of​ their legs,​ handcuff their hands behind the​ chair .​
The object of​ the​ game is​ to​ peel and eat the​ banana (without hands) .​
The first one to​ finish is​ the​ winner.
Whatever you choose to​ play or​ venue selected hen parties are normally remembered for the​ right and wrong reasons!

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