Guerrilla Marketing A Cheaper Alternative

Guerrilla Marketing: a​ Cheaper Alternative
So you've spent an​ enormous amount on​ advertising in​ the​ media and got very little response -- or​ maybe you​ were scared enough by the​ prices that you​ never put the​ ads there to​ begin with .​
You're annoyed at​ how expensive it​ is​ to​ get even the​ simplest and smallest ad in​ front of​ anyone,​ and how useless the​ whole thing seems to​ be.
That's because media advertising,​ in​ the​ main,​ isn't designed to​ cater to​ home businesses .​
No,​ if​ you​ want to​ get ahead as​ a​ home business,​ you're going to​ have to​ do the​ advertising yourself.
What is​ Guerrilla Marketing?
Guerrilla marketing is​ a​ way of​ advertising when you​ have an​ almost non-existent budget .​
Instead of​ thinking of​ your business as​ a​ smaller version of​ a​ big one,​ you​ have to​ realise the​ situation you're in,​ and behave accordingly to​ maximise your profits while minimising your marketing costs .​
Essentially,​ you're going to​ try to​ do anything to​ get publicity.
Don't worry,​ I'm not talking about telemarketing of​ the​ nasty call centre variety here .​
It's B2B (business-to-business) telemarketing you​ want to​ be doing -- basically,​ phoning up local businesses and making yourself known .​
You'll be surprised at​ just how effective this can be,​ since businesses tend to​ appreciate the​ effort you've made to​ contact them and offer your services far more than a​ customer does if​ a​ business phones them at​ home.
Direct Mail.
It shouldn't be too difficult to​ get hold of​ a​ mailing list that covers your whole area -- ask your local post office if​ you're unsure,​ as​ they'll often be able to​ help with bulk mail campaigns .​
Alternatively,​ if​ you​ don't even want to​ pay for delivery,​ you​ could hire a​ few local teenagers to​ go round putting your letters in​ people's mailboxes .​
This will work best if​ you​ keep your message to​ one small page or​ even just a​ business card,​ so that people will keep it​ if​ they're interested and call you​ in​ their own time.
Outdoor Leafleting.
Another effective guerrilla marketing technique,​ at​ least for some kinds of​ business,​ is​ to​ hang around outside giving out leaflets to​ passers-by .​
This gives you​ an​ opportunity to​ 'meet and greet' people,​ and lets you​ do some free targeted advertising by choosing your location carefully .​
If you​ do odd jobs in​ people's houses,​ for example,​ you​ could stand outside the​ DIY store,​ handing out leaflets that say 'Why Do It Yourself? I'll assemble and install everything you​ buy today for only $50!' If you​ custom build and sell your own computers,​ you​ could stand outside a​ big-box computer store with this leaflet: 'Get your computer tailor-made,​ for half the​ price of​ [big store]' .​
You get the​ idea.
Free Gifts.
You'd be surprised just how effective it​ can be to​ stand around handing out free gifts .​
If you​ do something that relates to​ children,​ then hand out balloons to​ them in​ the​ mall .​
You'll make some kids' days,​ and your name and perhaps website address will be written there on​ the​ balloon for all to​ see .​
Free pens are a​ very effective thing to​ give away if​ you​ provide a​ more serious business service -- people are always short of​ pens,​ so they'll keep your pen in​ their bag and be reminded of​ your business each time they use it .​
Even better,​ the​ cost of​ getting thousands of​ balloons or​ pens printed with whatever you​ want is​ almost nil.
Attack the​ Competitor.
Nasty as​ it​ might sound,​ hardcore guerrilla marketers regard their competitor as​ their sworn enemy,​ and will do anything to​ bring them down so that they can replace them in​ the​ marketplace .​
a​ little disturbingly,​ this can be quite simple to​ do -- fake a​ few letters complaining about a​ business to​ a​ local newspaper,​ and you​ might find that they follow through and do a​ feature on​ it​ without even checking the​ story out.
In the​ end,​ with guerrilla marketing,​ there are endless ideas -- it's all about being inventive,​ and having the​ guts (and the​ patience) to​ try them out .​
When you​ get your first customer without buying a​ single media ad,​ it'll all be worth it.

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