Guerilla Marketing Tactics Doing What You Can With What You Have

Guerilla Marketing Tactics - Doing What you​ Can With What you​ Have
The term guerilla marketing was coined by Jay Conrad Levinson and is​ described in​ his many books with this term in​ the​ title .​
Here is​ a​ brief overview of​ guerilla marketing tactics and how to​ get started.
What It Is: Guerilla marketing is​ really a​ way of​ thinking and acting in​ the​ context of​ your business .​
It is​ about finding any number of​ tens or​ maybe hundreds of​ available creative yet inexpensive ways to​ market your good or​ service .​
It is​ less about having a​ big advertising budget and more about thinking like your customers and finding ways to​ get the​ message about your value across to​ them .​
The keys are creativity,​ consistency,​ and repetition of​ your message in​ multiple ways by using your existing resources and abilities.
Who Can Use It: Small and midsize businesses have the​ most to​ gain from guerilla marketing .​
However,​ even large companies with multiple,​ niche brands that have smaller target markets may employ guerilla marketing techniques to​ market their products and services .​
Any individual or​ company with a​ relatively small budget and lots of​ creativity,​ energy and time can implement a​ guerilla marketing campaign .​
Ethicality: Levinson’s ideas have a​ bit of​ a​ by any means necessary tinge to​ them that some people take to​ mean being unethical is​ okay .​
I​ actually strongly disagree with this interpretation of​ his work .​
In fact,​ I​ feel that his books emphasize that you​ actually do need to​ deliver on​ the​ implied promises you​ make to​ customers each time you​ launch a​ campaign .​
Whether your marketing practices are ethical is​ up to​ you,​ but guerilla marketing itself is​ completely legitimate and ethical .​
Getting Started: to​ get started as​ a​ guerilla marketer,​ you​ first need to​ take your creativity and passion about your product or​ service up a​ notch or​ two .​
Finding multiple ways to​ get your message about your product or​ service out to​ potential clients is​ your path to​ success .​
Reading any one of​ Levinson’s books will give you​ a​ solid grounding in​ his techniques .​
However,​ this practice is​ more about mindset,​ energy and creativity than it​ is​ about a​ pre-defined,​ inflexible marketing methodology .​
If the​ marketing budget for your company is​ relatively tight but you​ are looking for more ways to​ get your message to​ would-be customers,​ guerilla marketing tactics are a​ great option at​ your disposal.

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