Green Tea Weight Loss Myth Or Fact

Green Tea Weight Loss Myth Or Fact

Have you seen recent Oprah show? Green tea was recently discussed in​ this show also. I think you might already aware that green tea helps a​ lot to​ battle against life-threatening diseases like heart disease,​ arteriosclerosis and cancer. Yet,​ there is​ one more reason why you must prefer green tea. it​ is​ nothing but- it​ helps in​ weight loss and burns your excess fat.

The American Journal of​ Clinical Nutrition,​ January 2005 issue dealt in​ detail about the​ benefits of​ green tea. it​ clearly indicates that green tea is​ a​ real fat fighter. it​ opined that substances present in​ green tea,​ popularly known as​ catechins,​ could prompt weight loss by burning calories and body fat.

In general,​ green tea leaves are not fermented unlike oolong tea and black tea. Also,​ green tea is​ rich in​ polyphenols,​ shown to​ have anti-inflammatory,​ anti-viral,​ anticancer,​ and anti-oxidant properties.

The action of​ weight loss has been performed by the​ green tea by the​ way it​ maintains and lowers the​ blood sugar during the​ meals time. in​ other words,​ we​ can infer that your body is​ not creating the​ substances,​ which produce fat as​ readily as​ it​ normally would when the​ green tea is​ being included.

Green tea is​ being adored world wide as​ it​ offers a​ much better and less bitter taste than its siblings. the​ green tea is​ known for its ability to​ ease your stomach pain that a​ lot of​ people have and that means that it​ gets disappearing off the​ shelves every where you turn.

If you’re looking for some easy ways to​ lose some pounds,​ green tea might be a​ perfect answer for your prayer. Recently a​ website is​ offering a​ free 30 day supply of​ green tea,​ but I’m sure how long this offer might be… so I’d suggest to​ sign up for your free green tea bags as​ early as​ possible.

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