Green Tea Camellia Sinensis And Weight Loss

It seems lately that I have come across an​ abundance of​ information on​ the​ benefits of​ consuming green tea. Because of​ this,​ I have been inspired to​ compile some of​ the​ information - specifically regarding green tea and weight loss.

Green tea contains a​ number of​ things that are reported to​ be very healthful for you. Among these are:

Tannins,​ phenols,​ polyphenols,​ and flavanoid compounds,​ the​ amino acid theanine,​ and catechins of​ which egcg seems to​ be the​ most beneficial.

Some of​ the​ reported benefits you will see when researching green tea are:

• Protecting skin from ultraviolet radiation
• Protection against a​ number of​ different cancers
• Increased life span
• Protection of​ the​ brain
• Increased antioxidant levels
• Theanine has been reported to​ negate the​ jittery effect of​ caffeine,​ and heighten mental acuity and some have even said give a​ relaxed but aware state.
• Last but not least are increased fat metabolism

This increased fat metabolism is​ what is​ of​ most interest to​ people wanting to​ lose weight. it​ simply means the​ rate at​ which you burn calories and the​ body's ability to​ burn fat. the​ studies seem to​ point to​ a​ connection between the​ caffeine in​ green tea and the​ epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) which causes a​ boost in​ noradrenaline. Noradrenaline helps your body boost your metabolism and suppress your appetite.

Some experts recommend that you take a​ standardized green tea supplement which contains 90mg of​ EGCG and 50mg caffeine. of​ course you should always consult your physician before taking any supplement,​ especially one with caffeine.

Drinking green tea can be a​ pleasurable experience. I have tasted some very good green teas and I have tasted some that taste like what I imagine blended grass would taste like. My favorites seem to​ be the​ mixture of​ green tea and lemongrass. the​ best tasting ones I have found have been in​ health food stores or​ online. Don't give up on​ your first taste. Experiment around and try different flavors of​ green tea. You may find one or​ more that you just absolutely love. I generally microwave my green tea and drink it​ warm. I have brewed several bags at​ a​ time using boiling water and then place in​ the​ refrigerator for a​ nice cool beverage as​ well.

Drinking green tea can also be an​ aid to​ weight loss if​ it​ takes place of​ another habit such as​ coffee with sugar or​ cola. I know many people who start the​ day with a​ sugar filled caffeine cola or​ sweetened iced tea. This is​ how they get their morning caffeine. Why not substitute green tea for this and enjoy the​ feeling and health benefits? Replace that after lunch cup of​ coffee with a​ cup of​ green tea. You will be doing something healthy for your body and you won't experience the​ "drop" that coffee can leave you with an​ hour or​ so later. Also enjoy a​ cup of​ green tea before your exercise routine,​ just be careful and do not consume it​ late in​ the​ afternoon.

A cup of​ green tea contains about half as​ much caffeine as​ a​ cup of​ coffee. if​ you are sensitive to​ caffeine – use caution or​ avoid all together.

I am a​ believer in​ a​ healthy lifestyle to​ achieve your desired weight. if​ you know me or​ read any of​ my articles you also know that I am a​ believer in​ supplements – Only as​ an​ aid to​ a​ healthy lifestyle. Not a​ magic solution. I see green tea as​ an​ effective tool in​ your weight loss arsenal.

Green tea seems like a​ wonderful addition to​ your daily life which may help you boost your metabolism,​ ward of​ sickness,​ and give you a​ gentle caffeine lift.

Wishing you the​ best of​ health,​

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