Golf Weight Training Is The Answer To Longer Drives

Golf Weight Training Is The Answer To Longer Drives

It is​ no secret that most of​ the​ male and female tour players who want to​ play their best golf,​ do golf weight training exercises. But it’s not the​ kind of​ grueling,​ sweating stuff you’re thinking about.

There is​ a​ HUGE misconception of​ what and how this type of​ program should be done. it​ does not take going into a​ gym and lifting heavy weights; nor does it​ take a​ 2-3 hour daily commitment.

I have seen many “so-called” golf weight training programs,​ books,​ and videos etc that do in​ fact show the​ golfer in​ the​ gym and on​ machines. Sitting on​ a​ machine,​ isolating one muscle group is​ not golf-specific or​ sport-specific for that matter.

Golf is​ a​ dynamic movement done on​ your feet. Sitting in​ a​ machine in​ a​ “controlled” environment will not improve your swing.

The golf swing incorporates most of​ the​ muscles of​ the​ body in​ a​ sequential motion. I hope you can now see sitting in​ a​ machine won’t improve that.

So what truly is​ a​ ‘golf-specific’ program?

For starters,​ doing a​ lot of​ exercise ‘on your feet’ and in​ your golf posture will help. the​ more you can get in​ your posture and strength train,​ the​ quicker the​ benefit to​ your game.

Golf also involves balance and stabilization. to​ improve this takes a​ concentrated effort on​ core work and exercises involving balance (such as​ one-legged exercises).

The more popular golf-exercises are done on​ a​ stability ball; using exercise tubing; handweights; and even weighted medicine balls.

This allows you to​ do many dynamic movements similar to​ your golf swing,​ directly relating to​ more power,​ distance and accuracy.

These pieces of​ equipment are very inexpensive and portable. You can have a​ complete golf fitness gym in​ your home for under $100 easily.

For example,​ exercise tubing is​ approximately $20 and you can immediately do golf swings with it. This is​ as​ golf-specific as​ you can get. Doing your actual movement with resistance will dramatically increase your power output.

There are dozens of​ simple,​ golf weight training exercises you can do with the​ above equipment (and in​ your home). the​ beauty of​ this type of​ golf training is​ saving time and money,​ but most importantly making it​ fun and enjoyable.

When you do these types of​ golf weight training exercises you will be encouraged that it​ will be the​ missing link to​ your best game.

Often,​ we​ try to​ get on​ the​ fitness,​ weight-loss bandwagon,​ only to​ quit after just a​ week or​ so. With the​ above type of​ training,​ your doing both. You not only see a​ dramatic improvement in​ your game,​ but the​ icing on​ the​ cake is​ looking and feeling better.

I have worked with hundreds,​ if​ not thousands of​ golfers via the​ web who have sent me emails stating how they have stuck with their programs longer than any other time in​ their life. They say the​ connection between health and golf is​ what did it.

So don’t get overwhelmed the​ next time you here about golf weight training. With a​ little research,​ you can be doing your golf weight training program in​ your home in​ no time.

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