Golf Games With A Twist

Golf Games With A Twist

Golf is​ a​ centuries-old game,​ but over the​ years there have been several variations designed. Everyone can play 'let's hit a​ ball with a​ stick' – there are several options available,​ so that no matter what your age or​ skill level,​ you can find an​ enjoyable and challenging game.

Miniature golf is​ one of​ the​ more popular variations. Essentially,​ it​ is​ a​ very small 18 hole layout,​ where only a​ putter is​ used. the​ course usually has some interesting obstacles in​ the​ form of​ themed decorations laid out around the​ course. You can find miniature golf games in​ many theme parks.

Some of​ the​ leading names in​ professional golf,​ such as​ Arnold Palmer,​ put their names on​ miniature golf games,​ franchised the​ businesses across the​ country. Not only did it​ introduce many people to​ the​ game,​ but also provided additional income. When not playing in​ tournaments,​ these players often toured the​ country appearing at​ new course openings.

Backyard Golf Games

If you want to​ play golf at​ home,​ but don't have space for a​ golf course or​ driving range,​ then some 'chip and putt' games may be just the​ thing. These involve fake 'holes' placed on​ the​ ground,​ and plastic golf balls to​ avoid any damage to​ nearby vehicles,​ or​ your windows!

You can play golf games on​ the​ PC,​ and on​ many consoles too. Some of​ these have been endorsed by professional golfers. Electronic golf games vary from very simplistic ones,​ to​ full simulations that include weather conditions and realistic physics. You can even get ones where your motion is​ tracked by a​ number of​ sensors,​ so that you can practice you swing with a​ fake golf club,​ making the​ game as​ realistic as​ you can get whilst playing in​ your own home.

Another variant of​ golf is​ 'disk golf' – this involves throwing a​ small,​ circular disk at​ a​ basket – these are located around the​ course,​ usually hung from a​ tree or​ on​ the​ side of​ a​ building. Like normal golf,​ the​ aim is​ to​ get the​ disk into all of​ the​ baskets,​ whilst taking as​ few throws as​ possible.

Golf Games With A Twist

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