Gold Delta Skymiles From American Express Benefits The Delta Airlines Frequent Flyer

Gold Delta Skymiles From American Express Benefits The Delta Airlines' Frequent Flyer
The American Express was founded in​ 1850 and​ its credit cards are known for​ providing unmatched customer services, extraordinary benefits to​ their cardholders and​ instant purchasing ability.
The Gold Delta Skymiles from American Express gives you​ the great opportunity of​ gathering frequent flyer miles with the Delta Airlines .​
Though the fees are high, the program offers a​ good point accrual rate.
Card Rewards
As a​ credit cardholder, you​ will obtain​ 1 mile for​ spending each dollar on​ the card .​
As an​ added advantage, the Always Double Miles program lets you​ earn 2 miles for​ spending a​ dollar at​ retail shops and​ stores such as​ drug stores, gas stations, Delta Airlines and​ their affiliates as​ well as​ the United States Postal Service.
As a​ new applicant for​ the Gold Delta Skymiles from American Express, you​ can avail of​ 10000 bonus miles on​ making your​ first purchase .​
you​ can also gain​ an​ extra 2500 on​ the approval of​ a​ second card (when the application​ is​ being processed) .​
The rewards expire at​ the end of​ 3 years and​ the best thing you​ can do take advantage of​ the award miles is​ keep your​ account active for​ three years, i.e., travel on​ the Delta Airlines at​ least once in​ every three years.
The best benefit of​ the credit card is​ the frequent flyer miles .​
However, it​ will not be a​ good choice for​ you​ if​ you​ require carrying a​ balance quite often .​
It will benefit you​ greatly and​ be a​ wonderful choice for​ you​ if​ you​ already hold a​ low-fee and​ low rate credit card from the American Express .​
in​ this​ case, the card enables you​ to​ enjoy the lower annual fee and​ provides you​ the chance to​ make purchases that will allow you​ to​ carry a​ balance.
Features and​ Benefits
The credit card has an​ annual fee of​ $85 .​
this​ annual fee is​ waived for​ the first year .​
Special concession​ is​ offered to​ the already qualified American Express cardholders and​ they pay an​ annual fee of​ $30.
The regular APR of​ 18.24% is​ undoubtedly above the average but the credit card compensates this​ with its huge range of​ travel and​ shopping benefits .​
As a​ shopper, you​ will very much cherish the card features and​ benefits like the Buyers Assurance Plan, online fraud protection, purchase protection​ plan and​ the access to​ select events via the Ticketmaster.
As a​ traveler, you​ will be happy to​ find that the card offers certain​ additional benefits that the other American Express cards do not offer .​
All the more, the Gold Delta Skymiles from American Express lets you​ save on​ your​ car rentals, offers travel and​ accident insurance, a​ $ 2000 travel bonus for​ vacations and​ a​ $100 travel bonus for​ cruises, if​ booked through the American Express Travel Services.
Additional Perks
The Gold Delta Skymiles from American Express offers you​ a​ number of​ Internet account related services, extended warranty for​ purchases, zero liability for​ unauthorized Internet transactions, financial statement at​ the end of​ the year.
you​ can also take advantage of​ its insurance and​ security schemes in​ the form of​ auto rental insurance, purchase protection, legal referral services, emergency cash replacement, access to​ the Offer Zone for​ various discounts at​ participating merchants and​ retailers, medical referral services, a​ maximum of​ $100,000 travel accident insurance .​
The card also makes provision​ for​ many travel and​ emergency assistant services.

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