Going Broke Playing Games

Going Broke Playing Games
You Don't Have To And Here's How
If you haven't looked at​ the​ cost of​ new computer or​ video games and gaming systems as​ a​ whole recently,​ you might be in​ for a​ shock .​
Today's games and gaming systems can run from a​ meager $30 all the​ way to​ a​ whopping four hundred dollars or​ more .​
To a​ loving mother of​ a​ game obsessed teenager,​ the​ costs can be astronomical and nothing short of​ frightening .​
Fortunately the​ cost of​ buying quality computer or​ video games (including the​ systems that they run on) can be significantly reduced once you know what to​ do and where to​ look.
One alternative to​ funding a​ gaming pursuit with a​ second mortgage is​ to​ go old .​
By going old,​ we​ mean buying last month's or​ year's games and game systems .​
If you could admit the​ one truth that we​ all know,​ but never readily face,​ you could literally save hundreds of​ dollars in​ an​ instant .​
This truth is​ that unless you're a​ millionaire,​ none of​ us can afford to​ buy the​ latest toy on​ the​ market .​
The ugly fact behind that truth is​ that within a​ relatively short amount of​ time (say,​ 60-90 days?),​ that latest toy will be replaced with a​ new and improved system,​ which consequently,​ grants access to​ what was wanted in​ the​ first place - at​ half the​ price! So go old and have a​ little patience .​
Within about three to​ four months,​ you will have made a​ tremendous saving.
When it​ comes to​ computer gaming,​ you could also come out better by upgrading games rather then an​ entire computer .​
It can take anywhere from a​ year or​ more for a​ gaming company to​ release a​ new version and chances are,​ the​ upgrade doesn't require new hardware - it​ just requires a​ new payment .​
Remember,​ the​ gaming industry can't really keep up with the​ computer industry either (no one can),​ so there's no reason to​ panic or​ worry .​
Concentrate on​ keeping your game current rather than your system .​
Only in​ rare instances,​ such as​ if​ your computer is​ archaic to​ begin with,​ will you need to​ upgrade your hardware .​
Shop wisely and you can catch a​ new soundcard,​ joystick,​ or​ graphics card on​ sale .​
But if​ you have a​ high gigahertz processor and Direct X 9 installed,​ you'll do fine for quite a​ while.
Here's a​ whopper of​ an​ idea and one that probably won't take as​ much of​ an​ effort to​ convince younglings to​ do as​ you might think .​
But to​ curb the​ costs of​ gaming,​ perhaps a​ group of​ families could pitch in​ and share the​ finances together .​
Depending on​ the​ number in​ a​ group,​ the​ cost of​ a​ new gaming system - and 5 or​ 6 of​ the​ most popular games - could diminish to​ 20% or​ more of​ their original costs.
And since gaming consoles are getting smaller and smaller,​ there's no reason why a​ group of​ families couldn't band together and trade gaming space within their homes every week or​ two .​
This way the​ kids in​ the​ neighborhood can enjoy one or​ two of​ the​ new systems on​ the​ market that they could never otherwise afford,​ and they can enjoy them without their parents having to​ shoulder the​ burden of​ funding them alone .​
Seeing that kids generally play games together anyway,​ a​ group effort of​ this sort satisfies game cravings at​ a​ significantly reduced cost and it​ keeps everyone happy.

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