Goals For Word Of Mouth Marketing Methods

Goals For Word Of Mouth Marketing Methods

Haven't you​ heard that word of​ mouth marketing methods work? in​ fact,​ according to
research,​ well over 75% of​ the​ most effective methods of​ marketers actually use word
of mouth marketing,​ which,​ for the​ purposes of​ this article I shall refer to​ as​ WOM.

So,​ you​ want to​ start a​ WOM campaign. the​ first thing you​ need to​ do is​ to​ have a
goal for your WOM campaign. I can immediately think of​ a​ few reasons why you​ might
want to​ do this:

#1 - Generate leads. This is​ probably easy to​ do if​ you​ have a​ few bonus products in
hand. Giving free things away to​ people definitely will encourage them to​ think of​ a
few people whom you​ can can refer to​ you​ for the​ same thing.

All you​ need to​ do is​ get an​ autoresponder message set up so that they can forward
you the​ email addresses of​ the​ people they'd like you​ to​ contact.

#2 - Generate affiliates. Okay,​ this one is​ a​ little easier,​ but you​ will have to
educate the​ affiliates you​ build. WOM for affiliate marketing is​ great because now
you have an​ army of​ people who are incentivized to​ market on​ your behalf.

#3 - Convert into sales. For this to​ happen,​ you​ definitely need to​ create a​ lot of
testimonials in​ order to​ create the​ buzz. This approach will then get other people
talking about the​ quality and the​ level of​ "must-haveness" of​ the​ product
you are promoting.

#4 - Build credibility. This approach will help solidify your brand in​ the​ long run,​
so you​ will most likely have to​ have points of​ proof that people will talk about and
associate with you. This article,​ for instance is​ a​ way to​ generate credibility
because you​ are reading it​ in​ the​ first place!

#5 - Retain current subscribers. Few people would have heard of​ this,​ but sometimes,​
your current list of​ subscribers need perks to​ keep them 'alive' and warm. Send them
freebies or​ get a​ campaign going to​ increase the​ buzz amongst them. I have monthly
events where different people actually get together and meet each other and chat so
that they know who's who instead of​ a​ nickname in​ a​ forum. This keeps people from
opting out of​ your mailing list!

#6 - Warm up for a​ product launch. When you​ want to​ do a​ product launch,​ you​ will
want to​ ensure that people are ready for you. How can you​ do this? Well,​ all it
takes is​ to​ create more buzz. Warming people on​ a​ list also takes time,​ but the
sequence in​ which you​ do it​ is​ important. With this goal in​ mind,​ you​ can already
think of​ some ways to​ get your list of​ people excited,​ talking to​ each other and
involving themselves in​ a​ discussion.

Once your goal is​ clear enough for you,​ it​ will be far easier to​ keep track of​ your
results. After all,​ without a​ clear direction,​ you​ won't know how far you​ need to
go,​ or​ what you​ are aiming for in​ the​ first place.

I've created an​ initial list of​ Word of​ Mouth Marketing Methods that you​ can find on
my internet marketing blog. So far,​ it​ lists 20,​ but I'll be working to​ enhance it
to around 101 or​ beyond. the​ marketing methods themselves are not as​ important as
the way in​ which you​ use them.

To find out more about word of​ mouth marketing methods,​ just go to

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