Gift Marketing With Autoresponders And Google Adsense

Gift Marketing With Autoresponders And Google Adsense

Many people promote their gifts online by using autresponders and Google™ Adsense. Let’s take a​ brief look at​ both.

An autoresponder’s function is​ to​ send out responses automatically by email to​ people who have visited your site and either completed a​ form (also known as​ a​ leads capture form,​ generated by your autorespnder) or​ emailed you,​ triggering your autoresponder. the​ automated responses can then contain newsletters,​ ebooks,​ reports and other types of​ information regarding your business.

It is​ important to​ think of​ autoresponders as​ sales tools. Then as​ you​ increase your use of​ them,​ you​ increase your sales and marketing efforts and chances for business success.

Google™ Adsense is​ a​ program for advertising that is​ governed by Google™. it​ is​ really quite simple. you​ insert Adsense ads in​ your website or​ blog content. Then every time that someone clicks on​ your ads,​ you​ will receive small amounts of​ money that can add up to​ nice extra checks in​ the​ mail.

When you​ combine Google™ Adsense with an​ autoresponder,​ you​ are giving yourself the​ edge over your competitors,​ giving you​ the​ success that you​ wish to​ achieve. Your autoresponder messages can host introductory paragraphs with links that take your readers to​ your website pages where you​ have Adsense ads on​ the​ pages with your gift items.

For example,​ an​ autoresponder message might read:

Dear [subscriber],​

Welcome back to​ the​ Gift Gallery Weekly Ezine! Enjoy our new article this week entitled,​

"Hot Summer B2B Gift Items!"

For great gifts to​ give your coworkers,​ boss or​ friends and family,​ visit our reviews of​ the​ top 10 Hot Gifts This Summer by visiting: http://YourDomain(dot)com (…and have this link go to​ a​ page on​ your site where you​ have reviews of​ the​ gifts plus Adsense inserted on​ the​ web page.)

[Closing message and signature with contact info]


For help writing your ads and learning more about how to​ best set up your Adsense campaigns,​ search articles on​ “Adsense tips” to​ learn more and keep up with any changes in​ Google™ marketing. For help with autoresponders – how to​ set them up and use them for your projects,​ simply search “autoresponder tips” in​ your favorite search engines and find articles on​ the​ topic.

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