Getting New Ideas For Video Games

Getting New Ideas for Video Games (Part 1)
A Springboard for Video Game Developers
Creating video games is​ an​ art,​ no doubt .​
The problem is​ that it​ isn't easy to​ come up with ideas for video games .​
And even when we​ do get an​ idea,​ it​ doesn't seem as​ fresh or​ exciting as​ we​ want it​ to​ be .​
The following offers a​ few ways you can generate some creative ideas to​ keep your video game as​ fun to​ play from beginning to​ end.
1 .​
Make it​ funny .​
Humor has a​ wonderful way of​ transforming the​ seemingly dreadful boring into something that's not only tolerable,​ but engaging as​ well .​
And if​ boredom is​ an​ illness,​ laughter is​ its cure .​
If you can inject jokes,​ funny imagery,​ or​ goofy characters into your game,​ your players will relax and associate your game with good feelings - a​ definite formula for success.
2 .​
Let your mind wander off the​ beaten path .​
Since much of​ our thinking is​ associative anyway,​ there's no reason why you couldn't manifest this association into your video game .​
When one idea makes you think of​ another,​ include it​ as​ part of​ a​ video game no matter how illogical the​ connection is​ (at first) .​
Remember that video games are your platform for creativity .​
It's time to​ be a​ little wild and a​ little unconventional .​
Without this free-form thinking,​ we​ surely wouldn't have the​ creative gems that we​ have today .​
You can always restore a​ sense of​ logic back into the​ game at​ an​ appropriate time .​
3 .​
Make your dreams come true .​
Literally,​ turn your dreams into video game scenarios .​
Had a​ nightmare lately? Include the​ scary thing in​ the​ game .​
Had a​ ridiculously stupid dream lately? Include it​ in​ the​ game as​ a​ detour or​ distraction .​
Sometimes dreams can be more interesting as​ life,​ and as​ a​ video game developer,​ you want your games to​ be the​ same .​
Keep a​ dream journal and write down those bizarre experiences you have at​ night .​
Your gamers will thank you for it.

4 .​
Copy nature .​
Let's be honest - Nature is​ pretty weird .​
We have bees flying around and pollinating plants .​
We have water evaporating into the​ sky and then falling down from clouds as​ rain .​
Childbirth is​ a​ strange phenomenon itself,​ and germs - the​ smallest thing on​ the​ planet can bring down a​ herd of​ elephants .​
If you could emulate some of​ this crazy stuff in​ your own video games,​ you will have done what every man secretly wishes he could do himself .​
And that's take nature into your own hands and shape it​ into the​ reality you want! But don't copy nature faithfully .​
Twist it​ around .​
For example,​ instead of​ bees flying around and pollinating plants,​ your video game could have 3-inch aliens flying around and pollinating brainwashed FBI agents .​
Starting to​ get the​ idea?
5 .​
Dig into History .​
Another good resource for video game material is​ our own history - but not the​ boring stuff .​
We're talking about the​ good stuff .​
The embarrassing stuff .​
Look for odd and weird news online and include the​ asinine things that people have done in​ the​ past as​ part of​ your game's plot .​
Your players won't believe what they're seeing!
6 .​
Go Metaphor Happy .​
Metaphors are figures of​ speech in​ which expressions are used to​ refer to​ something that it​ does not literally denote .​
It simply suggests a​ similarity .​
We're not sure,​ but we're pretty convinced that a​ lot of​ the​ space ships in​ video games are based on​ what we​ call the​ nuts and bolts metaphor .​
If you look closely at​ the​ designs of​ some of​ these vehicles,​ and then look at​ some of​ the​ tools you have in​ your toolbox,​ you'll start to​ see a​ similarity among the​ two like we​ did .​
You can do the​ same in​ your video games to​ come up with some really unique imagery and situations .​

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