Getting New Ideas For Video Games (Part 3)

Getting New Ideas For Video Games (Part 3)

Getting New Ideas for Video Games (Part 3)
A Springboard for Video Game Developers
Creating video games is​ an​ art,​ no doubt .​
The problem is​ that it​ isn't easy to​ come up with ideas for video games .​
And even when we​ do get an​ idea,​ it​ doesn't seem as​ fresh or​ exciting as​ we​ want it​ to​ be .​
The following offers a​ few ways you can generate some creative ideas to​ keep your video game as​ fun to​ play from beginning to​ end.
13 .​
Do the​ unexpected .​
This is​ probably one of​ the​ hardest things for linear programmers to​ do because as​ software developers,​ programmers are trained to​ keep everything working in​ some sort of​ straight,​ logical order .​
To make this work,​ game programmers are going to​ have to​ give themselves permission to​ go nuts - to​ do the​ unexpected and not obsess over the​ consequences .​
As good training for all of​ us,​ doing the​ unexpected is​ a​ freeing experience that opens our minds to​ workable possibilities we​ probably wouldn't consider otherwise .​
These are possibilities that could make your video stand out from the​ crowd of​ copy-cats.
14 .​
Design the​ video game for a​ specific audience .​
Choose a​ unique audience to​ design your game for and make sure that every character,​ scene,​ subplot,​ and strategy caters to​ the​ interest of​ this audience .​
But don't pick a​ typical audience - go crazy .​
Design your game as​ if​ a​ dog were the​ player,​ a​ computer mouse,​ or​ even a​ stack of​ pancakes .​
Let your imagination go wild and you'll see a​ new world unfold before you.
15 .​
Imagine that you're the​ video game .​
If you were the​ video game that you're designing,​ how would you want to​ be played? Attempting to​ answer this question should set you off on​ quite a​ creative spree of​ new and original ideas (if not one hell of​ a​ giggling session) .​
Don't just throw the​ goofy ideas that you get from this exercise into the​ trash bin .​
Seriously think of​ how to​ implement them into your video game .​
This strategy is​ sure to​ put you on​ the​ gaming map.
16 .​
Substitute .​
Using one object in​ the​ place of​ another is​ another sure way of​ coming up with cool ideas for video game,​ and in​ certain situations,​ it's the​ only way to​ dream up something fresh and new .​
When it​ seems that you just can't come up with a​ new slant,​ you're best bet is​ to​ replace a​ typical,​ predictable character with a​ lively,​ cute and helpful soda can .​
Or replace a​ typical,​ predictable plot with some bizarre scene out of​ a​ dream .​
Remember: nothing is​ irreplaceable.
17 .​
Introduce a​ little randomness into the​ mix .​
There's a​ lot to​ be said about random events .​
They always bring us the​ element of​ surprise and you can use it​ to​ keep your video game exciting .​
The key to​ making randomness work in​ a​ video game is​ to​ introduce a​ set number of​ possibilities into several sections of​ the​ game and then have each of​ those possibilities lead to​ a​ different outcome .​
Sure,​ this could drive a​ player crazy,​ but you've got to​ admit,​ it​ will send them scrambling for a​ solution and talking about your game for days .​
In the​ last section of​ this four-part article,​ we​ bring you two more ideas before coming to​ a​ close .​

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