Getting The Most Out Of Military Benefits

Getting The Most Out Of Military Benefits

Imagine being halfway through college without cracking a​ textbook. Need a​ mentor? About 250,000 are standing by to​ help in​ your​ job search. Buying a​ home? How does no down payment sound? These are examples of​ the billions of​ dollars in​ military benefits available to​ service members and​ veterans. However, these extraordinary benefits often go unused or​ overlooked.

A new book called "The Military Advantage: a​ Comprehensive Guide to​ your​ Military & Veterans Benefits" (Simon​ & Schuster, $20) could help the 30 million​ men and​ women who served unlock those benefits and​ make the most of​ their military experience.

The guide is​ full of​ insider tips, little-known benefits and​ shortcuts. it​ addresses the ins and​ outs of​ the system, identifying what can be claimed-or lost if​ left unclaimed. it​ offers tips like these:

GI Bill and​ Scholarships

• you​ may have up to​ $50,000 in​ educational funding just waiting to​ be used.

• Military experience can count toward college credits-you​ may be only a​ few credits shy of​ an​ associate's degree.

• There are $300 million​ in​ scholarships for​ military members, spouses and​ children; in​ some cases these cover full tuition.

VA Home Loans

A VA home loan offers advantages not associated with other types of​ loans. They include:

• Upper limit of​ $417,000 with no down payment required in​ most cases.

• No monthly mortgage insurance premium.

• Veterans with disabilities may have their loan fees waived.

• Veterans with permanent and​ total service-connected disabilities may be eligible for​ a​ grant up to​ $50,000 to​ adapt a​ house to​ meet their disability needs.


The book explains career services available to​ veterans, including:

• a​ nationwide, free mentoring service to​ quickly network with 250,000 other service members, veterans and​ spouses.

• Where to​ find online tools to​ translate your​ military skills to​ civilian terms to​ find jobs related to​ your​ military specialty.

• Tips on​ hot careers. Keep your​ security clearance active-civilian workers with clearance earn 24 percent more than their counterparts and​ there's never been a​ greater demand​ in​ classified programs.

• How to​ flag your​ resume for​ military-friendly employers.

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