Get Paid To Fill Out Surveys Secret Formula To Make Money While Doing So

Paid surveys are a​ huge business on​ the​ Internet. There is​ good money to​ be made with legitimate paid online surveys that pay well,​ on​ time and in​ cash or​ equivalent. However,​ only about 20% of​ the​ total number of​ surveys being made are of​ this type. Understanding how the​ paid survey business works is​ the​ first key to​ success.

The second key to​ being able to​ get paid to​ fill out surveys and make money is​ to​ get a​ good list of​ legitimate paid survey panels that offer this kind of​ survey. you​ will need the​ first key to​ find the​ second key.

Here's how the​ business works: Large companies need a​ constant flow of​ information about various aspects of​ consumer opinion,​ perceptions and preferences.

These companies commission market researchers to​ measure consumer sentiment and report back to​ them with their findings. Methodology to​ be used is​ discussed,​ surveys are often used.

Proposals are made,​ discussed,​ adjusted and ultimately approved and funded. There has to​ be adequate budget to​ fund all parts of​ a​ survey,​ including making sure that the​ participants get paid to​ fill out survey questionnaires.

Some survey makers,​ hired by the​ market researchers to​ handle the​ mechanics of​ individual surveys,​ pay participants well,​ on​ time and in​ cash or​ equivalent.

Others try to​ keep more of​ the​ total budget for themselves and use smoke,​ mirrors,​ promises and lotteries to​ pay participants considerably less.

The good-paying survey makers make up about 20% of​ the​ total. of​ the​ rest,​ about half (40% of​ the​ total) does eventually/sometimes pay participants,​ but in​ lesser amounts. the​ other half almost never pay and also make money in​ other ways,​ like selling things to​ their list and selling their list to​ sales companies.

The 20% of​ survey makers that pay well have low turnover and almost never pay recruiting fees for new participants. They don't have to. Their survey participants get paid to​ fill out surveys,​ are happy and stay with them.

The other 80% has high turnover (surprise,​ surprise!) and must constantly recruit new survey participants to​ replace those that did not get paid to​ fill out surveys and quit. They pay high recruiting fees to​ get new participants.

When you​ Google "paid surveys" you​ will find plenty of​ list purveyors pursuing you​ to​ take a​ copy of​ their "free list". These people live and prosper off of​ recruiting fees they get for recruiting YOU! Since the​ good 20% of​ survey makers don't pay recruiting fees,​ their names rarely appear on​ such lists.

Steer clear of​ those "free lists". the​ list purveyors will make money,​ the​ survey makers on​ those lists will make money,​ but the​ survey takers,​ the​ survey participants who want to​ get paid to​ fill out surveys,​ won't make money.

O.K. So now we know to,​ "Beware of​ Greeks bearing gifts." (-old Trojan saying!) and avoid "free lists".

But the​ question remains,​ how DO we get a​ good list?

The answer is​ that we must look to​ someone who cares whether or​ not we make money with their list. the​ best place to​ find such a​ list is​ at​ paid online survey membership sites that maintain lists of​ good survey makers for their members. For a​ small one-time fee you​ can join and get a​ copy of​ their list.

There are around 200 of​ these sites. Not all have resisted the​ temptation to​ "double dip" and put a​ few (or a​ lot!) of​ survey makers that pay recruiting fees on​ their sites' list. So we must choose one with care. Here's how:

1. Only consider paid survey membership sites with STRONG money-back guarantees,​ backed up by a​ financial company like PayPal or​ ClickBank,​ or​ a​ bank. if​ a​ paid survey site won't guarantee your satisfaction,​ if​ no one will underwrite their guarantee,​ then steer clear of​ them!

There are more than 70 paid survey sites that offer this type of​ strong guarantee.

2. Within the​ group with strong guarantees,​ look for one with a​ low refund rate under their guarantee. Low refund rates mean happy clients that used their list to​ get paid to​ fill out surveys,​ made money and were satisfied.

High refund rates mean unhappy clients that used the​ site's list to​ get paid to​ fill out surveys,​ did NOT make money,​ were dissatisfied and demanded their money back.

So pick a​ paid survey membership site with a​ low (3-6%) refund rate,​ avoiding any with refund rates as​ high as​ 9-10% or​ more.

Sign up with that low-refund-rate site,​ get a​ copy of​ their list and then sign up with all of​ the​ survey makers on​ their list. the​ more you​ sign up with the​ more surveys you​ will be offered and the​ more money you​ will make.

You will have then positioned yourself to​ join the​ happy clients of​ a​ good paid survey site with a​ good list. you​ should make enough on​ the​ first 2-3 surveys to​ repay your membership fee. From there on​ you​ just get paid to​ fill out surveys and make money.

The only way to​ lose is​ to​ get the​ list and NOT sign up with all the​ survey makers on​ it. Survey makers compete with each other; they don't share lists of​ participants. you​ have to​ sign up with each one separately.

Survey makers cannot send you​ surveys if​ they don't have your application and demographic data on​ file. if​ you​ don't get survey invitations you​ can't very well get paid for filling out surveys!

So make all your applications,​ take the​ surveys and watch the​ cash roll in!

To get more information and details on​ how to​ get paid to​ fill out surveys you​ can follow the​ links below...

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