Get Paid For Online Surveys Avoid Mistakes Make Money

Get Paid For Online Surveys Avoid Mistakes Make Money

Filling out survey questionnaires to​ get paid for online surveys is​ a​ great way to​ make extra money. All you​ need is​ an​ Internet connection and your opinions. There are traps out there,​ but you​ can avoid them if​ you​ know how to. And your can then go on​ to​ make very good money...

Imagine yourself sitting at​ home or​ at​ your favorite place (anywhere you​ have an​ Internet connection) and making money filling out paid surveys. Sounds like an​ impossible dream? Maybe it​ is​ for some... but for thousands of​ others it​ is​ a​ daily reality. Actually,​ it's easy to​ get paid for online surveys,​ and paid well.

Paid online surveys are a​ huge business on​ the​ Net,​ with thousands of​ new surveys being made every week. Many thousands of​ survey participants are receiving checks in​ the​ mail or​ deposits in​ their PayPal accounts every month. you​ could join them,​ get paid for online surveys and make money,​ if​ you​ do it​ right.

To succeed you​ must understand that only about 20% of​ survey makers offer the​ legitimate paid online surveys that pay well,​ on​ time in​ cash or​ equivalent. Another 40% are so-so. Sometimes they pay enough to​ make it​ worthwhile,​ sometimes not.

The final 40% are simply time-wasters who expect you​ to​ work for free or​ will try to​ sell you​ things. or​ worse,​ they will sell your contact info to​ shady high-pressure sales companies which will bombard you​ with trashy offers.

To get paid for online surveys and make money you​ will need a​ good list of​ legitimate paid survey panels with a​ high proportion of​ survey makers that pay (those in​ the​ top 20%. the​ secret is​ in​ getting that list. in​ reality,​ you​ will have to​ pay something for your list,​ either in​ a​ lot of​ work or​ or with $30 to​ $50 in​ cash.

Yes,​ there are "free lists" out there. They're one of​ the​ traps to​ be avoided. Few things are really free. So who is​ paying for "free lists"? the​ 80% of​ no-pay/low-pay survey makers must have new recruits to​ replace those that quit. They pay recruiting fees to​ anyone who sends them more recruits to​ exploit

For those "free lists" the​ list distributors collect recruitment fees and make money,​ the​ survey makers make money on​ the​ recruits. However,​ the​ list users,​ the​ survey participants,​ get the​ short end of​ the​ deal.

They don't really get paid for online surveys by those low-pay/no-pay survey makers that exploit participants. They eventually get tired of​ working for nothing and quit,​ just like those before them,​ the​ ones they were recruited to​ replace.

To get a​ good list,​ make sure that you​ pay for it​ so the​ seller is​ trying to​ please YOU! Look to​ paid survey membership sites that maintain lists of​ good survey makers. For a​ small one-time fee you​ can join them. get a​ copy of​ their list and get started fast,​ on​ the​ right track.

Only consider those paid survey sites that offer a​ strong money back guarantee,​ backed up by a​ bank or​ financial company like PayPal or​ ClickBank. if​ they won't guarantee your satisfaction,​ then they are not serious. Don't even think about trusting your membership fee with any site without a​ strong guarantee.

From this group with strong guarantees (there are at​ least 75 that should qualify) choose one with a​ low refund rate. the​ refund rate is​ the​ way to​ determine the​ opinions of​ their current and past clients regarding the​ quality and value or​ the​ service they provide.

Low refund rates mean happy clients. Clients who used their list,​ got paid for online surveys,​ made money and were satisfied. High refund rates indicate unhappy clients who tried their list,​ did NOT get paid for online surveys,​ did not make money,​ became dissatisfied and demanded their money back.

So choose a​ paid survey membership site with a​ low refund rate,​ join up,​ get their list and then apply to​ all of​ the​ survey makers on​ that list. That way you​ will get a​ good list,​ get paid for online surveys,​ make money and join the​ happy clients of​ that paid survey membership site.

To get more information and details on​ how to​ get paid for online surveys you​ can follow the​ links below...

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