Get Into The Closet After Weight Loss Surgery

Get Into The Closet After Weight Loss Surgery

After you’ve had a​ gastric bypass surgery,​ you’ll lose a​ lot of​ weight in​ a​ very short period of​ time. This is​ a​ double-edged sword in​ the​ sense that you rejoice over the​ fact that you are losing weight so rapidly,​ yet in​ addition,​ you face challenges of​ wearing clothing that properly fits your ever-shrinking body. There’s a​ way you can manage this bitter/sweet dilemma.

It becomes very frustrating as​ you rummage though your clothes trying to​ find items that fit you. in​ my own personal experience,​ I was changing clothing sizes every three (3) weeks,​ and I can attest to​ this dilemma of​ trying on​ clothing that was either too loose or​ still too snug to​ wear. the​ time it​ took me to​ actually “find” the​ outfit of​ the​ day ended up being so time-consuming and frustrating,​ I had to​ figure out a​ way to​ speed up the​ process of​ simply clothing myself,​ easing the​ frustrations of​ scattered clothing everywhere,​ and eliminating the​ sour attitude I had about clothes when I should have been thrilled to​ suffer from such a​ “happy problem” of​ finding smaller-sized clothing to​ wear.

The SOLUTION was to​ GET INTO the​ CLOSET (and dresser drawers) and organize my clothing by SIZE.

This was a​ new concept! There are several ways we’ve always organized our closets and drawers: Perhaps we’ve done it​ by color,​ by season,​ by fabric,​ by climate,​ by event,​ by holiday,​ by clothing type,​ by style,​ etc. etc. But very FEW people have ever organized their clothing by SIZE.

The advantage of​ organizing your closet and drawers by size is​ that you can easily locate them and making them readily handy during those trying-on adventures. Then as​ you move out of​ one size and progress to​ the​ next smaller size,​ it’s an​ easier transition to​ find that next smaller size that fits you far better than that slightly larger size that probably drapes on​ you in​ an​ unflattering way.

Be sure when you are organizing your closet that you take into account those clothing labels which may not reflect a​ “true size.” Keep in​ mind that when you buy or​ borrow used clothing,​ some articles may have shrunken,​ or​ perhaps people had the​ article altered to​ better fit their exact body type. When this happens,​ simply pin a​ little tag on​ the​ clothing that states what size YOU believe it​ really is​ according to​ how it​ fits your body. For example,​ a​ second-hand pair of​ jeans may have a​ “size 14” tag on​ them,​ but because of​ shrinkage,​ they will fit you as​ if​ they are a​ “size 10.” Pin a​ little tag that says “size 10” on​ them and organize among your other size-10-clothing for easy reference. This eliminates the​ need to​ try on​ the​ jeans over and over again because you can’t remember how they fit your body. And if​ you’re not sure what size the​ garment represents,​ then pin a​ different note on​ them such as,​ “Maybe in​ one more month (specify month).” Figure out what note system works best for you.

Consider arranging a​ drawer or​ bin labeled “Almost Me.” Once you place items in​ this spot,​ be sure to​ try these clothes on​ every two weeks…. Few things are more painful than having clothing in​ there and you waited too long to​ try them on​ and they are now too large to​ wear! I can recall some clothing I looked forward to​ wearing but never was able to​ wear them simply because by the​ time I checked on​ them,​ they were too large for me! Had I checked them out at​ a​ set time,​ such as​ every-other Thursday or​ something like that,​ I wouldn’t have missed my window of​ opportunity to​ wear them.

As soon as​ you are out of​ that larger size,​ PACK THEM AWAY and give them to​ someone else,​ sell them,​ or​ donate them to​ a​ charity/thrift store. There is​ no need to​ hang onto those clothes! Really! I had somebody ask me,​ after I lost 80 pounds,​ “when will you be convinced that you’re not going to​ ever wear those clothes again? After losing 100 pounds? After losing 150 pounds? When?” This person made me realize that I needed to​ act on​ trust that I was indeed losing weight and I would not be gaining that type of​ weight back again. What a​ happy day it​ was to​ pack up all of​ those clothes and part with the​ memories that went along with them!

Realize and accept the​ fact that you will go through many changes in​ your clothing size as​ you lose your weight after a​ bariatric surgery. if​ you started out wearing a​ size 3X and you’ve lost 30-50 pounds,​ you should not be wearing those same size 3X clothes; for if​ you are,​ you are,​ you are not complimenting the​ fact that you are losing weight and your appearance may look too droopy or​ saggy.

Plan a​ time when you can begin this project of​ getting into the​ closet (and drawers). It’s going to​ be work,​ but very well-worth it​ to​ you in​ the​ long run. Think SIZE only. Nothing else. Then each day when you search for something to​ wear,​ the​ right size of​ the​ day will be at​ your fingertips and not all scattered throughout various places to​ annoy you.

Losing weight so rapidly is​ changing your life and it​ should also change the​ way your closets are organized. You have different needs now… not just in​ how you eat,​ but how you locate what you’re going to​ wear for the​ day. Make is​ easier and a​ pleasant experience for you. Size matters!

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