General Informations For Weight Control

General Informations For Weight Control

General Informations for Weight Control
Obesity is​ an imbalance between fat intake and​ energy expenditure. ​
Now day obesity is​ a​ problem of​ health and​ mind in​ many people. ​
The stimulating factors of​ obesity is​ social environment,​ advertising of​ many food products induce the​ consumers want to​ eat more than the​ energy use. ​
The rush hours working lifestyle make many people take junk food and​ fast food more than nutritionists. ​
The important factor is​ Generic,​ it​ is​ found that one obese patient has a​ 40% chance of​ obesity and​ both obese patients have 80% chance of​ obesity.
There is​ no truly direct way to​ measure how fat you are or​ how much the​ body fat. ​
Common way is​ calculate BMI Body Mass Index. ​

BMI =Weight kg / Height x Height m x m

If the​ BMI > 27 means now you have severe problem of​ obesity and​ may increase risk for morbidity,​ developing a​ number of​ chronic disease and​ health.

The chronic diseases that are developed from obesity are diabetes,​ high blood pressure,​ stroke,​ heart attack,​ cancer,​ gout and​ sleep apnea. ​
So control the​ weight is​ the​ best way to​ void health problem.

There are many ways to​ control and​ reduce the​ weight. ​
Exercise and​ should low calories foods are the​ best way. ​
The other way is​ using weigh control products.

There are 2 kinds of​ weight control products.
1. ​
Potential dangerous diet products,​ this group working as​ appetite suppression,​ interference food absorption and​ laxative. ​
Taking this group you have to​ consult the​ pharmacist or​ doctor.
2. ​
Questionable safety / efficacy products,​ this groups more safety than the​ first group. ​
Normally,​ weigh control products are from natural such as​ Garcinia cambogia,​ Konjac,​ or​ Spirulina.
Garcinia cambogia the​ active ingredient is​ Hydroxyciric acid HCA. ​
it​ works as​ inhibit fat and​ cholesterol accumulation by slowing down the​ enzyme. ​
And may be suppression of​ appetite so can reduce food intake and​ promote weight loss. ​
Dosage of​ Garcinia cmbogia,​ beginning from 750 mg to​ 1,​500 mg,​ takes 23 times in​ individual dose before meals.
Chitosan it​ is​ product from shells of​ shell fish. ​
The mechanism of​ chitosan is​ binds to​ fatty acid and​ reduces cholesterols levels. ​
Dosage of​ chitosan is​ 1 gram with each meal. ​
However you should be careful lacking of​ vitamin A,​ D,​ E and​ K during taking chitosan.
Konjac the​ active ingredient is​ Glucomanan Polysaccharide that is​ soluble fiber. ​
it​ works by absorb water in​ the​ stomach,​ make bulk and​ you will feel fullness. ​
So the​ customers do not want to​ eat much. ​
This product is​ more safety than other. ​
it​ does not interference the​ body mechanism. ​
Recommend dose is​ 1 gram per a​ glass of​ water about 1 hour before meal.
Spirulina it​ is​ unicellular bluegreen algae. ​
it​ contents essential amino acid and​ Gamma Linoleic Acid GLA. ​
GLA could promote loss of​ body fat but however there is​ no research to​ support the​ role of​ spirulina and​ weigh reduce.
Chromium it​ works by maintain the​ blood sugar and​ cholesterol and​ control appetite. ​
The recommended dose of​ chromium is​ 50200 mcg a​ day.
Control the​ body weight helps you against the​ chronic diseases and​ make good looking. ​
There are many ways to​ reduce and​ control the​ weight. ​
Using weight control products is​ not the​ best way,​ especially use potential dangerous diet products without consult from the​ doctors or​ the​ pharmacists. ​
Balance the​ energy expenditure and​ fat intake is​ an important point. ​
if ​ you eat more you have to​ exercise more. ​
Other ways are break bad habits such as​ ​alcohol​ intake,​ watching T.V. ​
during eating,​ or​ ignore vegetables. ​
You have to​ realize how much the​ fat in​ each menu and​ should the​ low cholesterol with high nutrition.

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