Games To Play During A New Years Eve Party

Games to​ Play during a​ New Years Eve Party
Many hosts spend a​ great amount of​ time planning the​ food and cocktails for their New Years Eve party and do not give as​ much consideration to​ the​ type of​ entertainment they plan to​ have at​ their New Years Eve party .​
This is​ unfortunately because New Years Eve parties offer a​ great opportunity to​ participate in​ some really fun games .​
New Years Eve parties tend to​ last longer than many other parties so traditional entertainment options such as​ dancing may not be enough to​ keep the​ guests entertained .​
One fun way to​ spice a​ New Years Eve party is​ by playing different games .​
This article will offer some fun ideas games to​ play at​ a​ New Years Eve party.
New Years Eve is​ a​ holiday which is​ synonymous with alcohol consumption .​
The popularity of​ alcohol consumption is​ the​ inspiration for one idea for a​ game to​ play on​ New Years Eve .​
You can play a​ game by giving each person a​ word which is​ likely to​ come up in​ casual conversation and writing that word on​ a​ nametag for each person to​ wear during the​ evening .​
Guests are required to​ carry a​ shot of​ a​ vodka at​ all times and if​ another guests catches them saying the​ word on​ their nametag they have to​ take their shot and then pick up another shot to​ carry in​ case they are caught again .​
This game is​ fun because it​ encourages guests to​ mingle as​ they attempt to​ think up ways to​ get other guests to​ try to​ say their word .​
The game can be made more difficult by placing the​ name tag on​ each person’s back so they cannot see the​ word but other guests can .​
This means the​ guest not only has to​ try to​ avoid saying the​ word but also has to​ figure out what the​ word is​ .​
When playing this game,​ care should be taken to​ avoid the​ game being the​ cause of​ the​ guest becoming inebriated .​
One way to​ do this is​ to​ put a​ limit on​ the​ number of​ shots a​ person can consume .​
They can take the​ sticker off once they reach their limit and the​ last person with a​ sticker is​ declared the​ winner and may be awarded a​ surprise.
Games which involve dancing are also very popular on​ New Years Eve .​
One game which is​ a​ lot of​ fun is​ similar to​ a​ game played by children .​
It involves periodically stopping the​ music while guests are dancing .​
Each time the​ music stops,​ the​ guests are supposed to​ freeze in​ one position .​
One person is​ designated as​ the​ judge and each time the​ music stops,​ the​ judge eliminates the​ last guest to​ freeze his position .​
The last guest remaining is​ declared the​ winner of​ the​ game.
A casino night is​ also very popular for a​ New Years Eve Party .​
The host can set up various tables for different games such as​ blackjack,​ Texas hold’em,​ keno and other popular card games .​
The host may also enlist guests to​ act as​ dealers at​ each of​ these tables .​
The hosts can either be dedicated for entire night or​ can rotate every couple of​ hours so all the​ guests have a​ chance to​ be both a​ player and a​ dealer .​
Giving each of​ the​ guests a​ set amount of​ poker chips can make the​ games even more fun,​ if​ you inform the​ guests they will be able to​ exchange their chips at​ the​ end of​ the​ evening for raffle tickets for a​ few prizes .​
This will encourage the​ guests to​ participate in​ the​ game and really try their best to​ win at​ the​ games .​
The games listed above are rather original but depending on​ the​ size of​ the​ party,​ guests can also play standard board games .​
Trivial pursuit,​ monopoly and scrabble are popular options .​
These games can be played either as​ individuals or​ as​ teams .​
Additionally,​ they can be played once or​ in​ a​ tournament style .​
Games such as​ scrabble can even played with a​ holiday theme where guests are encouraged to​ use words which relate to​ New Years Eve .​

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