Games To Play At A Baby Shower

Baby showers can be fun times. it​ may be one of​ the​ last times for the​ mother-to-be to​ enjoy a​ relaxing get together with family and friends. Once the​ baby arrives,​ things will be hectic. However,​ it​ may also be a​ somewhat awkward time if​ her family and friends do not know each other well. One of​ the​ best ways to​ break the​ ice between everyone is​ by playing a​ fun shower game! Baby shower games are generally inexpensive and just require a​ little planning. Here are a​ few examples of​ fun games you can play at​ the​ next baby shower you host.

Baby Photos

This is​ a​ simple game,​ but it​ can get everyone in​ the​ "baby" mood. Ask the​ baby shower attendees to​ bring a​ picture of​ themselves as​ a​ baby or​ toddler. Take each picture and post it​ on​ a​ large piece of​ poster board,​ assigning each photo a​ number. When all the​ guests have arrived,​ give each one a​ nametag so everyone knows everyone's name. Then give each guest a​ piece of​ paper and let everyone guess who is​ who in​ the​ baby photos. the​ person who is​ able to​ identify the​ most baby pictures wins!

Baby Songs

Divide the​ party into two groups. Assign someone in​ each group to​ be the​ recorder and have them think of​ as​ many songs with baby in​ the​ title. Set a​ time limit of​ 5 minutes. Whichever team is​ able to​ list the​ most songs wins. to​ add more fun,​ make the​ losing team sing a​ song chosen by the​ winning team from their list.

Bottle Suckers

Some baby showers have men and women both attend,​ and this game is​ great for those type of​ showers. Fill one 4-ounce baby bottle with juice for each attendee. Have them all drink at​ once,​ timing them to​ see who finishes the​ fastest. it​ is​ good fun to​ see grownups sucking from a​ baby bottle. You can even trick the​ father-to-be by giving him a​ nipple with a​ small hole,​ so it​ takes him longer to​ drink the​ bottle.

Pillow Talk

This one is​ a​ little risqué,​ so if​ there are older relatives or​ men in​ the​ room,​ you may want to​ avoid it. However,​ if​ it​ is​ just the​ girls,​ it​ is​ super fun. Do not tell the​ mother-to-be what is​ going on,​ just have someone write down what she says when she opens each gift. Once all the​ gifts are open,​ have someone read back what she said,​ explaining that her comments are "what she said on​ the​ night the​ baby was conceived." it​ makes for some hilarious innuendos!

Baby Food Tasters

This one gets everyone in​ the​ mood for the​ new little addition. Purchase ten jars of​ baby food - all different varieties. Print out a​ sheet that lists each flavor and post it​ somewhere in​ the​ room. Cover the​ bottom of​ the​ jars with foil and print a​ number on​ each one. All guests should have a​ plastic spoon,​ a​ paper plate,​ and a​ piece of​ paper and a​ pen or​ pencil. Pass around each jar of​ baby food one at​ a​ time and have each guest place a​ small spoonful of​ the​ baby food on​ their plate. Have them taste it​ to​ try to​ guess what food it​ is. On their sheet of​ paper,​ have guests write down the​ number from the​ jar and what flavor that they think they are tasting. Sweet potatoes are usually hard to​ identify,​ so you might want to​ get a​ jar to​ try to​ fool everyone. Be sure to​ have your camera ready for the​ faces everyone will make when tasting the​ baby food.

Mom's Waistline

This one is​ fun if​ the​ mother-to-be is​ not too sensitive about the​ size of​ her ever-expanding waistline. Get a​ roll of​ ribbon and ask each guest to​ pull out as​ much ribbon as​ she thinks it​ will take to​ cover the​ mother-to-be's waistline. Cut off the​ ribbon and try it​ around the​ mom's waistline. the​ guess who comes closest to​ the​ actual waist circumference wins.

Test Drive

If it​ is​ a​ pretty day and you plan to​ have the​ baby shower outside,​ this is​ an​ entertaining game to​ play. Set up an​ obstacle course in​ the​ yard,​ put a​ doll in​ the​ stroller and have each guest run the​ obstacle course. Time each guest,​ giving them a​ 5-second penalty for collisions and a​ disqualification if​ the​ doll falls out of​ the​ stroller. Whoever completes the​ course in​ the​ fastest time wins.

Many entertaining games can be played at​ a​ baby shower. Just be sure to​ bring the​ camera to​ record all the​ fun for the​ mother-to-be to​ enjoy for years to​ come.
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