Games That Develop Kids Emotional Skills

Businesses are finding that most successful people have one thing in​ common: the​ ability to​ deal with people. But successful employees don't learn this skill when they enter the​ work force; they learn it​ at​ an​ early age.

As a​ parent,​ you may wonder how to​ help your children develop the​ emotional skills they need to​ get through life and be successful in​ their future careers.

It's a​ challenging task,​ but one game manufacturer has set out to​ make it​ easier through its series of​ "emotional intelligence" board games.

Parents looking for ways to​ breach difficult topics; teach their children about qualities such as​ empathy,​ problem solving,​ assertiveness and good manners; or​ who just want to​ have some family fun will find many opportunities in​ the​ following products from Oikos Global:

* Oikos Game Levels 1 to​ 3: Through active play,​ children learn positive strategies to​ handle common emotional situations relating to​ anger,​ aggression,​ fear and conflict.

* a​ 31 Day Success Principles for Kids and Teens: Each card contains a​ success principle - such as​ "know your purpose" or​ "be persistent" - and a​ mini-biography of​ a​ famous person who made use of​ that principle.

* a​ 31 Day Positive Affirmations for Kids and Teens: Each card contains one affirmation to​ read each day. the​ intention is​ for kids to​ focus on​ their strengths and positive attributes.

Oikos Global also offers fun family games such as​ Fikloo,​ a​ party game of​ crazy commands,​ and Wordigy,​ a​ challenging and educational word game.

Oikos games and activities might get your children thinking beyond the​ latest "must have" video game or​ DVD. They also make good gifts for holidays,​ birthdays and graduations.

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