Games For Locksmiths

Games for Locksmiths
Being a​ locksmith is​ not necessarily a​ boring job .​
There is​ the​ limited interaction with the​ customers to​ keep a​ locksmith in​ touch with the​ human side of​ the​ business .​
the​ work gives the​ locksmith focus .​
the​ travel provides stimulation .​
the​ technological changes and education to​ keep up with the​ times provides mental growth .​
So,​ what about the​ fun? Even these mechanical minded members of​ our community like to​ have fun.
The challenge of​ picking locks is​ viewed as​ a​ game for some locksmiths .​
As they grow in​ their experience,​ they are able to​ take on​ more complicated tasks .​
It is​ said that a​ locksmith sees a​ lock as​ a​ puzzle.
A locksmith plays a​ part in​ the​ game called World of​ War Craft,​ unlocking boxes in​ the​ trade screen .​
a​ game called Crack the​ Code allows the​ locksmith to​ click on​ numbers and enter until the​ combination is​ correct .​
Cleaner Scrape is​ an​ online game featuring Bob the​ Locksmith .​
There's also a​ Kensington Lock Picking online free flash game .​
Gridlock is​ another fun online game for lock pickers that offers three levels of​ difficulty to​ accommodate beginners to​ the​ more experienced.
A board game that relates to​ the​ locksmith trade is​ called Break the​ Safe .​
It's a​ fairly new game created by Forrest-Puzan Creative .​
Players have to​ work as​ a​ team to​ find the​ keys,​ disarm the​ traps,​ and evade the​ guard dogs.
On a​ bigger scale,​ locksmiths can join in​ a​ Dutch Open lock-picking competition in​ the​ Dutch village of​ Sneek .​
This offers intellectual stimulation and fun for any locksmith or​ lock picker lucky enough to​ participate .​
Some of​ the​ world's most accomplished lock pickers attend this event.
Another large event for lock pickers and locksmiths is​ held by the​ Locksport International .​
DEFCON 14 held workshops,​ talks,​ sales of​ tools,​ speed competitions,​ tool making,​ and demonstrations for the​ enjoyable event that welcomed amateurs as​ well as​ professionals.
A Lock Picking Pogoda will be held in​ Cleveland,​ Ohio in​ April of​ 2008 for locksmiths and lock picking enthusiasts .​
Featured will be your regular American locks,​ Chinese knock-offs,​ cabinet locks,​ and high security locks .​
Safe cracking is​ also on​ the​ agenda to​ present a​ challenge for those who are brave enough to​ give it​ a​ shot.
Locksmiths aren't the​ only ones who enjoy the​ locksmith events,​ games,​ and clubs .​
There are people who enjoy learning about locks and how they work just for the​ fun of​ it .​
It can be gratifying to​ bust the​ secrets of​ the​ lock companies and manufacturers .​
This isn't necessarily a​ bad idea .​
It provides a​ challenge to​ show these businesses where their vulnerabilities lie so that improvements can be made .​
People who learn how to​ pick locks are not just criminally-minded individuals.
Although this possibility does exist,​ it​ is​ only a​ part of​ the​ group of​ people interested in​ this trade.
Locksmiths do,​ of​ course,​ enjoy other activities besides lock picking games and events .​
Just as​ doctors want more fun than just playing the​ board game called Operation,​ the​ locksmiths are going to​ be unique individuals who will want more fun than just that which revolves around their craft.

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