Games 21st Century Style

Video gaming is​ one of​ America’s favorite pastimes. There are more video game stores in​ New York City than there are books stores. And there are enough games out there to​ satisfy the​ taste of​ any gamer alive. Why do people of​ all ages find themselves so fascinated with the​ games?

Video gaming has come a​ long way since Mario Brothers. Games of​ all genres and types are available for any age group. There is​ interactive,​ fun to​ play and informative games available for the​ youngest audiences,​ designed to​ be both educational and fun. Favorite cartoon characters,​ such as​ Nemo,​ Chicken Little,​ Sponge Bob and Mickey Mouse,​ come alive in​ the​ video games to​ keep children company. Action heroes like Superman and Spiderman make appearances again with new missions to​ accomplish and more tricks up their sleeves. Racing games,​ action games,​ shooter games and arcade games keep coming out for audiences to​ enjoy.

The reason for this fascination is​ simple. Everyone wants to​ be part of​ the​ story,​ or​ do something that they would not ordinarily be able to​ do. Not many people can make it​ in​ a​ car racing world and even less can afford to​ try. But it​ takes a​ game console,​ a​ TV and a​ racing game to​ feel like you are sitting behind the​ wheel of​ a​ gadget packed racing car. There are no limits to​ what you can do behind that wheel; there are no real bills to​ pay and no injuries that can maim you. All there is​ is​ the​ excitement of​ the​ race,​ the​ rush of​ victory and loads of​ fun.

Many men,​ no age limits,​ get fascinated with the​ first person shooters because it​ makes them feel all powerful and able to​ do anything. Hardly anyone will want to​ run around with a​ real gun,​ hunting for enemies and risking to​ be shot from the​ back. But games like Halo provide a​ safe way to​ explore your talents as​ a​ soldier and give a​ new insight on​ the​ art of​ warfare.

How many of​ us would not like to​ be the​ hero and save the​ world? RPG’s provide just the​ opportunity. Turn the​ Playstation on​ and put in​ the​ disk and you will be carried off into a​ distant land where humankind’s last hope for survival rests with you.

Life can be ordinary and not very interesting and can lack the​ excitement that will make your heart race. Daily tasks are dull and the​ roles all of​ us act out at​ work and at​ home do not allow us to​ get out of​ the​ boundaries of​ every day routine. Problems can overwhelm and get the​ best of​ anyone. Sometimes the​ need to​ dive into a​ world where every day problems do not exist is​ alluring and exciting. the​ ability to​ become someone else,​ someone you will never be,​ to​ live out a​ life full of​ danger and mystery,​ is​ offered by video games to​ all people. But even if​ it’s just for one hour or​ a​ few minutes it​ makes feel alive and able to​ do absolutely anything.

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