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Soccer,​ also known as​ associated football,​ is​ a​ very popular team sport that is​ played globally. Various versions of​ soccer have been around since as​ early as​ 1500 BC! Soccer as​ we​ know it​ started in​ the​ mid 19th century,​ and is​ a​ result of​ global efforts to​ standardize the​ rules of​ the​ game around the​ world. However,​ the​ first “rule book” of​ soccer (or football) was written in​ 1633 in​ Scotland. Since its humble beginnings,​ soccer has swelled into a​ much-loved sport played by over 240 million people in​ 200 countries.

Soccer is​ not an​ easy sport,​ what makes soccer so difficult is​ that none of​ the​ players,​ except the​ goalkeeper,​ can use their arms to​ touch the​ ball. And,​ throughout history,​ not everyone has loved soccer…in 1314 Edward II of​ England banned soccer in​ London,​ in​ 1349 Edward III banned soccer in​ favor of​ archery,​ in​ 1424 James I of​ Scotland banned soccer,​ in​ 1555 Oxford University banned soccer,​ in​ 1574 Cambridge University banned soccer,​ in​ 1747 Eton College banned soccer,​ in​ 1750 Rugby,​ Harrow,​ Charterhouse,​ Shrewsbury,​ and Winchester colleges all banned soccer,​ and in​ 1835 the​ “Highway Act” banned the​ playing of​ soccer in​ public streets.

As a​ spectator sport,​ soccer invokes passion in​ its fans like almost no other! it​ has been the​ cause of​ riots,​ war,​ peace,​ and millions of​ sore throats! it​ is​ no wonder that it​ is​ said that soccer is​ the​ most popular sport in​ the​ world.

Special equipment is​ needed to​ play soccer and the​ rules are strict. Players must wear specific types of​ shirts,​ shorts,​ socks,​ foot ware,​ and shin guards. They are restricted against wearing any type of​ jewelry or​ watches to​ avoid injury to​ themselves or​ other players. Goalkeepers must wear different clothing so that they can be easily set apart by the​ other players and game officials.

Soccer is​ played on​ a​ flat grass field that measures 110 x 80 yards and has sidelines and goal lines market clearly on​ it. the​ soccer field also has two rectangular goals,​ one at​ each end.

A standard adult soccer game consists of​ two forty-five minute periods with fifteen-minute half-time break.

Soccer is​ enjoyed by millions of​ children around the​ world as​ well and there are governing bodies for both children and adult games on​ national and international levels. Soccer is​ also broken down into Men and Women’s soccer. Each of​ these divisions holds many competitions at​ the​ highest of​ international levels. Woman’s soccer has come into its own as​ an​ athletic center of​ influence in​ the​ last several years.

Soccer matches can be viewed on​ television,​ through the​ internet,​ and,​ of​ course,​ through the​ various forms of​ print media.

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