Free To Join Affiliate Programs Can I Really Make Money

Free To Join Affiliate Programs Can I Really Make Money

If you​ have been looking around the​ internet for a​ while in​ search of​ ways of​ making money you​ cannot fail to​ have seen the​ words "join our free affiliate program" or​ "best free internet affiliate program" - probably followed by something about making thousands of​ dollars a​ month!

If you​ are like me you​ were a​ mixture of​ skeptical,​ intrigued,​ excited and also thinking "could this work for me?" Well to​ cut a​ long story short I was looking to​ work from home at​ the​ tail end of​ 2004 due to​ ill health and was surfing the​ net to​ find a​ work from home business. I kept seeing these adverts for free to​ join affiliate programs but had never heard of​ them in​ my life. to​ say I was a​ newbie was a​ massive understatement!

I decided to​ find as​ much as​ I could about them and everything I needed was online. I soon discovered Google Adwords and pay per click as​ a​ way of​ promoting my programs and also found,​ Commission ( and as​ "libraries" of​ thousands of​ products to​ promote.

I then tried to​ learn all I could about how to​ promote an​ internet affiliate program on​ Google Adwords and also how to​ research the​ market place. I cannot stress how important this point is! it​ is​ vital to​ find a​ market BEFORE you​ find your product. I tried to​ promote many things I thought were great products before I realized it​ was not what I thought would sell that mattered! it​ is​ what people are looking for that is​ important.

You may have heard the​ term "Niche Market" and this is​ what you​ are searching for - a​ niche that may not have a​ huge number of​ potential buyers - but that has a​ large enough group of​ people who are very HUNGRY to​ buy your products. it​ is​ your job as​ an​ affiliate to​ target these people as​ accurately as​ possible.

There are many different e Books out there that will help you​ learn how to​ do this. Using the​ Overture search tool is​ an​ excellent way of​ finding popular searches and Niche Markets.

You can also promote free affiliate programs through your own sites and this is​ the​ way to​ really generate those huge incomes you​ read about - but it​ can be a​ huge learning curve! Don't worry however as​ there are lots of​ good programs out there that will teach you​ step by step how to​ do this. the​ best I have come across is​ the​ Profit Brat Affiliate Program Marketing System (see below)

As I said before I started as​ an​ affiliate just less than a​ year ago and now make my living full time - it​ can be done - but.....

You must put in​ the​ time,​ effort and,​ yes,​ money to​ prepare yourself. And you​ must research,​ research and research some more the​ market place! This is​ not money for nothing but it​ is​ definitely a​ business you​ can succeed in​ if​ you​ do your homework and are prepared to​ learn from those who have succeeded before you.

Best wishes for your financial future!

Gaz Hutchinson
Internet Marketer

My top resource to​ help anyone make more money from affiliate programs is​ the​ Affiliate Classroom. a​ $1 trial is​ available here:

Free To Join Affiliate Programs Can I Really Make Money

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