Free Online Games Use Strategy Games To Develop Thinking

Free Online Games- Use Strategy Games To Develop Thinking
Most of​ the​ management courses have strategy game playing as​ a​ subject .​
I​ am a​ marketer .​
My product price is​ say - x .​
my competitor introduces his/her product at​ price - y .​
what should I​ do with my price that will increase my share .​
Because whatever I​ do,​ my competitor will manipulate their price .​
This becomes a​ game of​ strategy between my competitor and me .​
Who so ever devises a​ better strategy wins in​ the​ marketing competition .​
Free online games help in​ thinking development for such situations.
Our life is​ made of​ strategic steps .​
Can free online games help us develop our strategic thinking? Let me give one more example of​ games and strategy .​
I​ am an​ employer .​
I​ want to​ give only a​ small raise to​ my employees .​
But they want more or​ will leave the​ job .​
The risk faced by them is​ that of​ not getting another job .​
The risk for me is​ to​ lose my trained employees/ .​
What should I​ do to​ retrain them even by giving only a​ small raise? This is​ another game that is​ played between an​ employer and an​ employee .​
Free online games can help us learn more about how to​ develop strategies for winning.
We all play roles and games with each other .​
Look at​ the​ discount sale announced by big shops .​
They want the​ customers to​ buy goods when the​ prices are high and the​ customers want to​ postpone their purchases till the​ sale is​ announced .​
This is​ another game playing .​
Every field of​ life involves game playing and strategy making .​
Who so ever has the​ winning strategy wins in​ the​ end .​
to​ think strategically is​ a​ very important quality of​ mind .​
free Online Games can help in​ developing that ability substantially.

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